Monday, March 6, 2017

Polly Tells You How To Cull Those Odd Socks!

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So far this year my first resolution was to ensure that my bed linen was fresh on New Year's Night, using a technique that makes bed making much easier in terms of time taken and energy expended. I'm going to keep this one up on a more regular basis and pray that I don't wreck my electric underblanket each time!

Sadly this did happen but as we can't afford nearly €100 for a fancy new Imetec electric blanket we're using one we bought for my son when he was living at home. It's still Imetec but it's got just two settings and it's not a patch on the one that broke as it's just too hot to leave on overnight no matter how cold it gets!

For the whole of January I succeeded in changing the bedlinen weekly. February hasn't been quite as successful but the resulting two weekly changes were still lovely! I even picked up a new mattress protector in the sale which went on last week, but the quality is disappointing and we'll be reverting back to the old but expensive quality one at the next change...

I'm also determined to get rid of the backlog of washing; otherwise known as Mount Washmore. I'm a long way towards doing this as all the bedlinen is up to date, including the towels. There's a hillock of woollens tucked away in my laundry basket behind the bedroom door but it's already shrunk considerably.