Friday, September 21, 2007


I am a great believer of recycling. I don't mean just paper, bottles, etc. I suppose I mean re-use rather than re-cycling. As a member of two local Freecycle groups I am so far the lucky recipient of two mirrored sliding wardrobe doors and the pine mid-sleeper cabin bed, which was collected yesterday, and I am currently in the process of donating my twenty-something purple raleigh racer to a very nice man in Mullingar. He needs one; the child seat on the back makes it even better and I can't afford to renovate it anyway! By far the one of the best success story's is being able to link two people together for the common good - what about the lady whose brother needed a new oil tank in Westmeath? Well, I was able to link her up to the man getting rid of one in Kildare. Much better than going to the local landfill, wouldn't you say?
If I can work myself up to the task; I need to measure the distance between the 'studio' and the path, then the path and the turf shed. In both cases I am fed up of getting my feet soaked on those inclement days we have all got so used to this summer; due to a generous donation of paving slabs this is due change. Now everyone's feet will be happy and warm this winter! What I would like to say is a heartfelt Thank You to everyone at Westmeath Freecycle & Kildare Freecycle, here's the link; if anyone's interested: (
The Freecycle Group is easily accessible by Googling the name and as it is international there will probably be one near you, if not why not consider starting up your own....?
Polly Px

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