Friday, October 26, 2007

Motherly Love or Masochism?

Earlier on today I posted a blog about PIN's, passwords & security, which, as usual led to a tiny rant about miscellaneous loosely associated trivia.

My current password, which I am about to change as a result of this post is the word 'masochist'. I don't really understand where it came from, maybe it's a freudian slip of some kind? As both of my children are too young to be familiar with the word; I reckon my pc is definately safe, for the time being at least.

For the past two days my survival has depended on random cups of tea, 'erbal teas with honey and plain water in small amounts. Whether I like it or not, I have decided that the password is definately applicable at the moment. I am anorexic; in the true medical sense of the word, I am lacking in appetite. I have been getting stomach cramps off and on and yesterday had to carry a paper bag with me wherever I went, just in case; including going to bed - how very romantic!

Meanwhile, I have continued to be the loving mother of two sprogs; both of whom are definately off colour at the moment. LB has had the upset stomach; accompanied by the dreaded squits and poor BB suffered blunt force trauma to his rib cage earlier in the week.

Just in case anyone is considering reporting me to the cops, I should explain that he tripped and fell heavily onto his school bag, in the middle of the road while running for the school bus. Having a generous and sensible grandmother, the afore said bag is robustly constructed, very full and contains a metal retractable handle in its frame. Guess which part of the bag he fell onto?

I could digress here and rant on about the cost of medical care here in the Emerald Isle, but then nobody would ever hear about why on earth I equate motherly love with masochism, would they?

The whole thing about being an adoring mother and partner is that despite personal incapacitation things miraculously get done around the house regardless. Were I still single I would no doubt have migrated back to BJK's where I would have luxurated in the secure knowledge that the kids were safe and my house neglected.If I were childless I would have retired to my bed and died for a few days...

Considering that neither of these options is possible, I accomplished certain tasks in order to die slowly and quietly later in the day, instead. First of all there's the annoying issue of who's going to do the laundry, if I don't?

Secondly, it is finally getting cold; which means that ashes need to be emptied from the stove and fuel brought in. BB is obviously in no fit state to carry anything heavier than a cup of cold (- in case he drops it!) water and LB is as weak as a kitten. Poor DG is out of the house for longer than he is in it; which means we'd freeze to death if we had to wait for him to do it.Unfortunately that certain somebody turned out to be me!

To complete the cycle Spagetti ala Carbonara was whisked up yesterday evening, followed by a colourful version of Beef Steak Stir Fry with Noodles and Five Spice Sauce; both of which were enjoyed by all three of my boys tonight!

To add insult to injury I quietly excused myself; not to be tortured by my own body refusing to show any interest in what I was craving for! I decided to spend some time with my pc instead. At the end of the hall I tortured myself some more; by reading Pioneer Woman Cooks!

Please tell me; someone; anyone that there is a cure! I love my food and I love to cook. I love to eat what I cook! Obviously I also LOVE my family; but please let there be an end to this selfless form of motherly love called MASOCHISM!

Right then, I'm off now, for a quick warming cuddle on the sofa before bed; I probably won't sleep as I haven't been able to take the magic pills tonight, but at least we will all be as snug as bugs in a rug!

Night, night!

Polly Px Polly Peirce

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