Thursday, November 29, 2007

More Than Just A School Reunion

Last week I was suffering with a flare up of acute severe fibro- pain in my right neck, shoulder and rib-cage. As a result I had loads of time to blog, rant and rave and basically do absolutely nothing for a whole week.

I had hoped that things would have settled by Saturday, but it wasn’t. Because of the excruciating pain and the side effects of the pain relief, I was very sluggish to get going. Shamefully, I was still dressed in my new uniform; consisting of DG’s blue dressing gown and a navy blue hoodie, over my pyjamas when DG got home in the afternoon.

When eventually I dragged myself away from my latest addiction; the computer, I rescued DG who was wrestling with the ironing board. I could hear him huffing and puffing, the occasional ouch and the odd swear word until enough was enough; I couldn’t bear it any longer. Not only was DG struggling, he had succeeded in pressing creases into places where there should have been none, and the double cuffs were just too much! LOL!

Finally, much later than either of us had realised we were ready to go. Me with my two dresses, undecided as to whether to wear the knitted cotton LBD or the lime, black and sage patterned party dress; I took them both, carefully stowed away in my white plastic bridal dress cover. Having gone to the trouble of smoothening out the creases from them both, I was determined they would stay away! I also took two pairs of shoes and a body enhancing pair of pantyhose; designed to reduce the lower half of ones body by at least one dress size and believe it or not it does what it says on the packet.

DG had had a few problems; having decided firmly on one outfit, he discovered a huge stain which couldn’t be removed quickley, so he had to rethink his clothes altogether. Ironically, he then lost a button from his double breasted blazer later, and we had to affect repairs there too! It’s funny the way things go sometimes, isn’t it?

While we were dropping the guys down to BJK, DG casually announced that we had to be at our destination and ready to go by 7pm! This was at 5pm; with an hours drive ahead of us! Humph… MEN! Oh yes, did I forget to mention, we were also going to drop by and have a swim on the way, followed by a nice long luxurious shower. Yes, all this and very little time in which to do it!

By the way, did I mention that we were heading off to a formal School Reunion for the old boys of St Mary’s College, Knockbeg, Co Carlow? Now this wasn’t going to be any old reunion; oh no, they had virtually taken over the hotel The Seven Oaks Hotel because the tradition is to celebrate several different years at a time. This was going to be different. There was to be a formal reception and photographs at 7pm followed by a sumptuous dinner in the ballroom at 8pm.

Amazingly enough DG made it by the skin of his teeth, leaving me to add the finishing touches to my hair and make-up. It is such a shame that my carefully applied make-up was in danger of flopping, the way my hair did. I was in the middle of a hot flush! Still, I managed to make myself presentable in plenty of time for the reception, having skilfully missed the photo shot in the foyer.

Just when I thought things couldn’t get any worse, I found myself in a sea of well dressed people whom I didn’t know. There was no sign of DG; he’d vanished into thin air. I even tried the hen party in an adjoining room and still no sign of him. Imagine my surprise when checking out the foyer for the second time I ran into a couple I had worked with nearly 10 years ago! It was lovely to see them and there were hugs all round, and guess what? I got caught by the local photographer anyway.

The night went on smoothly, the dinner was of variable quality; the soup was mediocre, the seafood salad out of this world, the lamb succulent and nicely served (I didn’t approve of the chef playing with lemon soul and mushrooms!) and the desserts an unmitigated disaster! All in all the company great; it was more than just another reunion and what’s more, DG won a voucher for €50.00 towards another night away!

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