Saturday, December 8, 2007

Computer Age Technologist Wired For Sound

Finally the day arrived when I mustered up enough energy and enthusiasm to transfer my blogging station to the newly acquired large computer desk which was recently assembled in the corner of the master bedroom. BB & BJK were there too, as was the complete menagerie; actually the two girlie dogs and Chocolate the Kitten, who was fascinated by the mass of wiring associated with the average computer.

What truly amazes me is the fact that, despite living in what is termed the Technology Age, there is still so many of these plastic coated leads, most of which are too short. Considering that my now deceased Pioneer stereo system fed all four components from a single source; interlinking each to the previous item was so far advanced way back in 1985; it defeats me that I still have to struggle to wire my computer within a confined space and with the aid of a flashlight.

As a result of my efforts this afternoon I now KNOW where my spare fuses are stashed. I was very proud of myself when I was able to produce the required five amp fuse necessary to restore power to my beloved computer. The offending article had decided to blow at an inopportune moment; I was in contortions underneath my lovely new desk; rump inelegantly protruding into the room! No doubt BJK was somewhat amused at the string of expletives which followed.

As a result of all our shenanigans I found myself in need of a new network lead, ie the one that connects the splitter socket to the modem to facilitate broadband connectivity. I was amazed when the young man in the specialised sound shop was able to produce one which measures all of the required five metres. More so because the cost was so reasonable; at €6.90 one really can't complain.

Needless to say, after a few tweaks here and there I am back on line again. Phew! Imagine if I had gone for more than a few hours without a fix, it would have been catastrophic in terms of the volume of e-mails to sort through. As it was there were two pages of them on the Mail2Web site. Yes, the OceanFree service was undergoing another attack of the gremlins this afternoon!
Looking into my crystal ball, I see that it is going to be necessary to change to another server/account in the near future. Won't that be fun?

Apart from that the only problem; so far, is that I seem to have wired the microphone on the Skype headset incorrectly. We have sound, but no mike, which will pose a problem when it comes to making the annual phone call to the boy's doting father. I'm sure, however that this can be fixed relatively easily by the application of patience.

On Sunday, or maybe even tomorrow evening we'll transfer the ancient computer belonging to the boys to the homemade computer desk at the end of the hall; which in turn will help their bedroom look that little bit less crowded. They won't have access to the internet; it's too old for that and my computer man says that the cost of converting it simply isn't worth it. Still, they'll be able to play their games on it while leaving my workhorse alone.LOL!

This is all so exciting and unfamiliar. I don't know if I'll be able to cope with being able to find things. Our own room was attacked last weekend and Fly Lady would be so proud of me; I've even had the vacuum out during the week. The floor is still visible, however, not much else is as I have stowed away so much that we are now able to see it.

Anyway, it's nearly 2am now, which doesn't bode well in terms of rising early. I'm going to head across the room to my bed now and catch a few zzzzzzzzzz's, now that I'm happy that most of my kit is working!

Night, night!

Polly Px

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Crafty Angel said...

Hi Polly thanks for your lovely comment! The stamp is made by a friend of mine, one of her own designs, I can see if she has more, if your interested, just let me know. I have it in 2 sizes, it is one of my favorites!!!! And very different from what you would normally be able to buy! If you want I can stamp you out some and send them on to you. Hope that helps, and thanks again for dropping by my blog!