Thursday, January 10, 2008

Very Happy Bunny Girl

Heavens above! It can't possibly be six whole days since I last wrote a post for my blog; can it?

I suppose when you are in the middle of fulfilling at least some of your New Years Resolutions time really can fly. For example, lets take the case of the dirty washing, everybody knows that it doesn't do it itself, don't they? Wrong...

Over the Christmas and New Year, with the exception of a couple of days, ie Christmas & New Year's Day Polly has been chasing her tail; sorting, washing, sorting again into dryer friendly or not, drying, folding and piling her laundry into indivual piles to be put away! This is an on-going process; it appears that it never stops.

While all this has been going on, certain people who shall remain nameless have stood in wonder; marvelling my efforts, inquisitive about the various stages involved and basically apologised for not having been more helpful in the past. Phew! There is light at the end of the tunnel, at last.

This of course comes from the SAHM/WAHM who absolutely hates housework. I can think of one hundred and one things which I would prefer to do rather than housework; by the way this includes labour. I absolutely abhor housework and that is absolutely and definately final!

Having said the above; and what's more meant every word of it, my humble abode is beginning to show signs of being cared for, which of course is very strange. The freezer is full to overflowing with bargains from the local supermarkets and butchers, I have even gone so far as to try and keep two 2 litre containers of milk and two loaves of bread in it.

The family is eating healthy, nutritious food and have re-discovered the delights of sitting around the table to eat it; indulging in amusing anecdotes about our daily lives. This is possibly something to do with the fact that the kitchen is remarkably clean & tidy at the moment.

The sink is shining. The stainless steel does take a little effort involving steel wool and a marvellous product called Viakal/W5 lime-scale remover; which will dissolve grease, rust and limescale alike - this is the housework product of the millenium according to the word of Polly.

My sadly abused and scarred Le Creuset saucepans are beginning to perk up a little, despite the damage caused by LB to the enamel of my newest and most favourite extra large one (ie he's somehow managed to remove lumps of the stuff, revealing the cast iron underneath; arghh.) Then there is his mother's unerring habit of welding the famous carrots to the saucepan, resulting in a blackened residue which sticks to the bottom of the poor saucepan involved like superglue. Well, seeing as steel wool isn't recommended for use on such delicate products DG kindly went out and purchased another miracle product made especially for use on Le Creuset products.

So far, it has reduced the blackness to a shade of dark grey, which is transparent enough to be able to see the cream enamel underneath. Now seeing as how this stuff is recommended for use on enamelled products which are subjected to very high temperatures; Polly also reckoned that it might be just the thing for the charred inside door of her wood burning Stanley stove in the sitting room. Hitherto we had been cleaning the back of the door with newspaper, which works reasonably well; but boy does this new stuff work well! I've also discovered that it will remove the residue from the inside of my oven doors, which is also made of thermal glass.

So, now I've started; I shall continue! The stove top is spotless and shining too, so much so that I feel bad about cooking anything on it, or for that matter in it! My saucepans are once again looking spic and span and the sink is so shiny that we need sunglasses to look at it! Plus I have also had a massive junk clearing session of the rubbish which tends to accumulate on work surfaces and counter tops! It's no wonder we're eating at the table again, is it?

As if all this isn't bad enough, all our wardrobes and drawers are in good shape too and the dreaded laundry basket's are EMPTY!!!!! Plus a friend of mine informed me that I have lost a good bit of weight over the Festive Season, so all in all Polly's a very happy bunny living in a lovely clean and happy warren!

"Nea! What's up Doc?!"

Bye for now, gotta go get LB from school!


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