Saturday, March 8, 2008

I've just issued Polly's Internet Health Warning over at Polly's Peri-wrinkle's & Peircing's; which basically is a post about how much I love the world of blogging, and some of its pitfalls. Seriously the internet is a great place though and if you're discerning you can do some good stuff on it without occasioning harm to yourself, bank balance or computer.

One of my favourite shops is the Irish owned Avoca Handweaver's, which I've made referrence to in a couple of my recent posts. Selling only quality goods this shop really had been the flagship for all that is good, from clothing, to food, cafes and household goods this shop really does knock the socks off some of its competitors.

Anyway, while searching for a suitable link to their website I happened to come across a lovely recipe for Cauliflower cheese soup, their recipe of the day; which is a bit of a blessing for me as my kitchen is overflowing with surplus from my organic basket at the moment. I've been looking for just such a recipe to help me use up the multiple heads of cauliflower currently residing in my fridge and this just came along at the right moment.

For copyright reasons, and privacy policies, etc I don't want to put my foot in it with this establishment so I am going to direct you to their recipe instead. What I will do is put up a couple of pictures of the finished product with a review. Meanwhile, my mouth is watering at the prospect of a peice of nice homemade brown soda bread and a bowl of Cauliflower Cheese Soup.(do bear in mind that this link will probably only last for a day)

I wonder if I should have a go at making another of my tropical fruit smoothies for dessert too; and maybe some of my famous carrot cake? Anyhow, I've got to fly, as I've got to go and put on another few pounds; my lips are watering already...

Polly Px

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