Thursday, March 20, 2008

Polly Frequents Delicious Caffe

LB has just come into my bedroom; I am absolutely raging with him and BB, his elder brother. They had been playing on the bed, behind me while I was trying to sort out the vast array of e-mails delivered this morning.

Like all boys, of a certain age, they don't know when to call it a day and stop larking around. The competitive edge crept in when they least expected it and led them to behave badly toward one another; resulting in a brawl. Having already asked them to take their behaviour to their own bedroom a number of times; this was just too much and I snapped! I hate it when that happens; I end up feeling upset and behave like a little girl myself, fists clenched and red faced.

My only consolation is that I had recognized the symptoms long before the event and had acted accordingly; my only regret is that the guys were too caught up in their fun to listen. If only children came with an instruction book and a remote control...

Recently both of the guys have discovered an on-line gaming site called Tibia. As a result of their abominable behaviour they were threatened with a ban on their gaming activities; again this went unheeded. Now they have a lot of making up to do and I do hope that they at least make a good effort at getting back into my good books again...

LB announces, somewhat indignantly, that he "... thought we were going to be making cards this morning!" I said "... in just a minute. I'm doing my blog and you'll have to be patient." Sometimes I think that I must be mad; I mean to put such enthusiasm on the back burner; but they must learn that I can't always drop everything right now, mustn't they?

Since I've been off work which is slightly over two years now, I have been through many changes; not least of which to my finances. I am off the payroll now and in my quest to make a few bob came up with the idea of making cards. Handmade quality cards for all occasions was my tag line; it was a great idea and it still is. Gradually I have done research and collected the materials necessary to make this all happen and finally it is beginning to happen.

Procrastination is my middle name. Fear of failure or fear of success? I don't really know the answer to that question; what I do know is that I am more ready now than I ever have been. My research has come up trumps and I feel that now is the time to leap, with both feet into what will hopefully prove to be the best time of my life.

The cards LB referred to are to be sent to prominent business people in the locality and a couple a little further afield. I reckon that Holy week is a good time to do this, as people rarely send Easter cards any more and a nice handmade one is bound to attract attention. There, it's as simple as that! The orders are going to come flooding in and we will all live happily ever after...

If only life was like that. Still, it's a start; to be followed by mailshots and appointments. I will have to add more of my photo's to my ETSY shop and some more of the paper crafted cards too.
I've also been working on Microsoft Desk Top Publishing; making a shop for my VINCA Cards website. I think it'd be a whole lot easier if I just link the site to ETSY; I mean why reinvent the wheel?

One thing about the Life Coaching is that it does make you get your
thoughts in order, the fibro brain fog aside; by making a plan with goal setting, etc. It does encourage you to make it work. After all, there's no point in just going through the motions, is there?

Anyway, I'm going to shoot off now and see if LB is still as enthusiastic as he was; regarding the card making. I've to go into town this afternoon, so maybe we'll get to deliver a few of our lovely Easter cards by hand and treat ourselves to a nice cup of Illy coffee at the Delicious Caffe. Until the next time...

Polly Px

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