Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Polly's A Sucker For Sentimentality...

Last night I wrote a post all about St Patrick's Day. I didn't post it yet because it brought about a whole load of emotions that I had to deal with; including wanting to protect BJK from the same emotions I feel on this auspicious day of the year.

My not quite fourteen year old son BB recommends that I should post it anyway and that it has helped him understand my unfathomable attitude to a lot of so called Happy Holidays. I can be quite taciturn about them, for example in preparation for Christmas 2007 I spent hours making my own greeting cards, and then as usual I didn't post over half of them! Maybe I can recycle them next year...

One time of the year which is often dubbed as being a happy time is Spring. Well, with the exception of St Patrick's Day; I can't argue with that one. I sometimes send out Easter cards; in the hope that it will make up for the lack of Christmas Cards, and I always like to do something special and unusual for Easter Sunday itself.

One year we converted the outrageous generosity of all our friends and family into chocolate ice-cream. It didn't take a great deal to pursuade the lads to surrender the source of hyperactivity for the enjoyment of all, in fact they were so enthusiastic that they continued to melt down their chocolate in the microwave while I was out chasing a run-away chicken for our somewhat ancient and lovely neighbour.

The unfortunate thing about the boys generosity is that they used an enamel bowl which is well on its way to being an antique and has been chipped around the rim. In turn this lead to arcing (ie blue flashes of light) which damaged the microwave oven and the incineration of said chocolate!

Another year we walked up the small rise in our backyard, (read that as field) and delighted in chucking customised hardboiled eggs back down it. The idea is to throw your egg the furthest and the most intact is the winner, suffice to say that it was great fun. A lot of cheating went on and the dogs got to a lot of the later landings before we did, needless to say they celebrated Easter on their own as all those eggs made them very antisocial company, ie gas!

When the kids were younger we used to hold Easter Egg Hunts; hiding the booty around the two and a half acres on which we live. It wasn't unusual to witness strange fruits such as Mars bars hanging from the trees, sometimes we found novelty shaped ducklings in the tumble drier and all courtesy of the Easter Bunny.

The boys are too old for all that now, having acquired some of the cynicism of the world. They don't believe in the Easter Bunny, but they still want the Easter Eggs! Aren't they funny? No doubt we will be participating in some Spring Madness this year, as we watch lambs gambolling in the fields nearby from the top of 'the hill'!

Unfortunately we still haven't replenished our chicken population, so there are no proper Easter Eggs in our house this year. I did buy an Easter Chick from the local florist; I'm a sucker for sentimentality, but I gave it away to a little girl who's Dad will be taking her to Majorca for the Easter. No point in giving her an Easter Egg, it wouldn't have survived the journey!

As for us adults, I think we get more of a kick out of occasions like Easter than the kids do. Why else would Lynette Chandler of Techbased Marketing be running an Easter Egg hunt for some really cool adult prizes? Why not check her out by following this link and see if you are one of the lucky ones; and by the way it's running for all of this week...

Happy Wednesday!

Love Polly x

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