Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Can Polly Read

Good morning everybody!

Don't ask me why, but during that brief moment of peace that falls between the two school run's I picked up my pack of Titania's Fortune Cards for the first time in a long time. At one stage I had become so good at using this lovely set of cards that it had been suggested I become a professional tarot reader.

While I considered this avenue; despite some reasonable success I decided against it; after all, do I really want that type of responsibility, do I...? I have to be honest here; before I go any further: I do not consider fortune telling as a reliable way of planning your future and would NEVER advocate this.

Card reading is a bit of harmless fun, which can at times offer reassurance; likewise it can also be totally off the wall! In the very few times I have consulted professional fortune tellers I have been shocked at the wealth of knowledge revealed to me, including one or two quite unpleasant facts that only I knew about.

DG; much to my disbelief, was revealed to me in a home reading, using a different set of cards. considering that I have NEVER had a thing for redheads and he has a shock of deep auburn hair plus I hadn't seen him for twenty years! Billy Martin of Mullingar told me a thing or two about our union; still in its infancy. He confirmed what I already knew; but wasn't ready to hear as I was still recovering from my divorce.

Anyway; here is the seven card reading that I picked out for myself:

Please excuse the poor quality of the photo; I think I was probably standing in my own light when I took this snapshot! Despite that, it is fairly obvious to almost anyone that this is a good reading, isn't it?


Okay; maybe not. The seven card layout reads from left to right is used for forcasts regarding the next twenty-four hours or so, with the first card; in this case the Star, representing the enquirer (ie person for whom the reading is being done.)

In any situation the Star is good news; it means that good fortune will come your way and wishes will come true. If it is the first card in the reading, that the enquirer may be a person existing in a rather dreamy state, especially if that person were very young. It also means a very nice person , who wishes well on all.

The Moon tells of beauty and luck, forcasting new ideas and invitations. Growing good fortune will infuence any card beside it in a positive way; as the Child is in this reading maybe an honour will come to them, in the form of a proposal of some kind given the position of the Ring in the spread.

The Ship is another good card; which usually heralds travel.Surrounded by extremely positive cards this bodes well in relation to an upcoming journey; of an important nature.

The next card in this reading is particularly lucky; it is the Clover! Always associated with good luck, this clover is not only four leaved, but is golden too. Can things get any better than this?

Well, yes! The Ring indicates joy in relationships, providing the surrounding cards are positive; which they are. It represents a relationship with someone which is not about love; strong bonds and happiness.

This next care is always positive, obviously the card of Child-ren. As I have two boys, it is safe to assume that the card is refering to them; however, it could also mean a love relationship which is still in its early stages.

Finally the House. This card represents your family home, being a solid element in life. It is a happy card; if surrounded by the Child, Sun, Moon, Star or Clover it means your home life will be both happy and extremely important to you. Hmmh...

Given its position in the reading and also its proximity to the Star, the Moon, the Ship, the Ring and the Child not only does it indicate that I should stop worrying about money, and that an important trip will turn out well. That domestic wishes will are likely to be granted...


So if we put them together and try and make some sense of this reading; what exactly does all this
mean? Well, for starter's it is all good; incredibly positive news.

I think that it indicates that despite my lack of money at the present I should stop worrying about it and simply get on with things, because it will turn out alright in the end. Regarding travel; this is a bone of contention at the moment, as the Scout Camp is in Austria this year and while I can't afford to go myself, I have been worrying about whether or not at a cost of €500.00 BB will be able to go on it.

To make matters worse regarding money and travel; I have been worrying about whether the same BB will be able to attend and Irish language course in the Gaeltacht this summer. The overall cost of this is a massive €700.00, which I simply do not have; however, the school offer scholarships upon application. Poor BB has been nagged to death about this for the past few weeks by both BJK and myself. Maybe today is the day he finally brings home the forms...

Also I have been nagging myself about the continued cessation of the renovations to the house. So much needs to be done and I am fed up; as are the children of living in a grey house. It wouldn't take huge amounts of time or indeed money to hang some lining paper and paint over it thus cheering the whole place up. I want to sit in front of the solid fuel Stanley stove in the evening; rather than sitting in a converted bedroom while the work required in the sitting room remains unfinished due to lack of funds, time and energy!

I would love to hazard a guess and say that my business is going to take off and I am going to be selling my hand-made greeting cards to all and sundry; unfortunately, there were no indicators in the reading. Therefore I must conclude that it is a case of me buying the lucky ticket for the Lotto...

With all this positivity in the air, I am now convinced that BB will have an honour bestowed upon him and that he'll be invited to attend the Scholarship programme for the Gaeltacht; that I will have some small success with the Lotto and we'll all be able to go on the Scout trip to Austria. Not only this; the builder's will have finished the renovations and the decorator's will have left the place cleaner and tidier than ever before.

Considering that I seldom buy lottery tickets I guess that the dreamlike state referred to has to do with me dreaming my life away while tapping at the keys of the computer. In all honesty, I am feeling sleepy and would love to hop into the bed behind me and sleep the rest of the day away...

Let's hope that all of the above will come true; like most people I could do with a break, but with that lot to look forward to the next day or so should be better than most. Maybe the weather will pick up and allow me to wield my trusty paint brush at the stippled plaster that coats our home in a layer of faded grey/white paint?

I suppose the fact that already this morning I've been out in the garden; pulling weeds and clearing off last debris from last autumn and potting in bulbs which had so far been neglected bodes well for change. Admittedly it's a wee bit late; but it's definately better late than never!

I wonder if the same can be said for the tomato seeds I sowed; they're only fifteen years out of date? Only time will tell...

Or perhaps I should dig out the crystal ball! LOL

Polly Peirce
Purveyor of Fine Handmade Irish Greeting Cards & Wedding Stationary

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