Monday, April 14, 2008

Mommy's shrinking...

After my last post (the one with the horrid photo's of my Mom's poor scabby hands) I promised a remarkable adventure to follow; so here it is.

If you recall, I quoted myself as saying that my friend Mel could do an allergy test for my Mom, and that he lives just up the road. I'm not going to go into too many details about this remarkable man; as I believe he is entitled to his privacy.

Anyway, having complete trust and faith in my friend; I followed this off-the-cuff remark with a quick telephone call to the man himself. His response was exactly as I'd hoped; so we set off on our journey, in anticipation of a nice cup of tea awaiting our arrival.

At one time Mel used to volunteer his healing services to a dedicated following; with his erstwhile colleagues at the now defunct Healing Centre in O'Connor Square; Tullamore. Having been lucky enough to have experienced these powers myself I didn't hesitate to recommend him to BJK.

I would thoroughly recommend the use of energy healing to anyone. You don't necessarily have to believe in it for it to work, and lets face it folks, empirical medicine is very much a new science; while stuff like this has been used for thousands of years. As for the "...oh, but..." brigade; just look at the research and compare the results.

In essence, the result of our visit has been astounding. My Mom relinquished a whole bar of Cadbury's Dairy Milk chocolate to me, although funnily enough she's allowed to consume copious quantities of dark chocolate!

Amongst other things BJK purchased a bag of gluten free flour and some of that weird gluten free bread. The flour was an instant success as we enjoyed a strawberry cream cake made for dessert on Saturday evening, the only difference I could detect was the 'slightly crispy sensation' as LB put it. The absence of gluten affects the rising capabilities of the mixture, resulting in a heavier texture.

Unfortunately for Mom she also gave me her nice old fashioned loaf of bread, well; she had the GF one after all. Despite my protestations, she was insistent. Unfortunately this didn't make me feel any better having taken it.I listened to her complaints about the taste of the GF stuff; while sitting munching on a yummy slice of hot buttered toast for breakfast on Sunday morning...

Another part of Mel's recommended lifestyle adaptations was the consumption of the homeopathic remedy for colic and teething problems in babies. While this certainly raised an eyebrow; she soon learned that chamomile is very good for skin conditions, especially used inside( in the form of Weleda anthroposophic pillules) and out (in the form of calendula cream/ointment containing NO lanolin!)! She's yet to locate the chamomile and apple tea; although somehow I'm not so sure about that one...

Best of all, was the tiny brown bottle with the rubber dropper. What lies within remains a mystery, except that almost certainly it is an elixir of yet more magical healing energy,most likely flower essences and possibly a drop or two of chrystal healing energies too.

The best thing about it all is that whatever the difference in her lifestyle; the hands appear to have settled down a bit and they do look a lot better. The horrid scaly bits seem to have disappeared altogether. In her own words "...they're just a bit tight, at the moment, but that's probably just the new skin!"

With regards to the rest of the changes suggested, which includes the exclusion of a number of foods, BJK has adopted a sensible approach. If she isn't able to exclude some things; ie the morning cup of treacle-tar tea, at least she's reducing them gr a d u a ll y; which is certainly better than nothing! I don't think she's looking forward to the soya milk though...

I have to point out though, that the Dairy Milk Chocolate was lovely. Thanks Mel!


Polly Peirce

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Mel said...

Whoops just a minute Polly Perry Wrinkles!

That tea is Cammomile, Honey and Vanilla and most definitely not anything containing Apple er' Cream did you say?
Welly actually both are No, no's :-(

Dairy products not being good for eczema.

The C,H&V tea is available in some Health Shops and in a particular large English Supermarket on the outskirts of Tullamore

Polly Peirce said...

Did someone say cream?

It's going to be a slow amble, but BJK's getting there; being adventurous and trying out new tastes every day.

BJK's going to pick up some of the right stuff next time in English Supermarket on our side of town.

As she says herself, she might even like it!