Friday, April 4, 2008

Polly Catholic?

The short post I wrote a couple of days ago, regarding The Convenor and his request for me to publicize two new blogs; ie FSSP Vocations Scotland and Ireland and Traditional Vocations blog got me thinking. So I thought I'd share my thoughts with you; here on Polly's Peri-Wrinkle's and Peircing's!

A staunch exponent of the Latin Mass; my father was often heard to say " ...(that) the church had never been the same since Vatican 2..." after which the Roman Catholic Church underwent a series of change, during the 1960's. Presumably these were in an attempt to retain the numbers; considering the changes taking place simultaneously other area's of society.

By encouraging the congregation's participation in the Mass; using local languages instead of the traditional Latin, people could understand more of the spiritual mysticism of the mass. No doubt this was in the hope of reinforcing the congregents faith in the church.

Unfortunately, it doesn't seem to have worked out that way; as massive numbers of erstwhile faithful have all but deserted the ranks. It seems Mass need only be attended during times of crisis or happiness; ie birth's, death's and marriage's in many cases; including my own.

It's been well reported that more people get out of bed on Sunday morning's to visit modern cathedral's, in preference to the traditional bricks and mortar of their local chapel. What are these new cathedral's of which I speak? Retail parks and shopping centres!

Of the few who continue to celebrate Mass regularly, it is often a case of it being the same old faces. Surprisingly; there are a number of young families amongst the old faithful's. These days the poor old priest is in competition with the congregation; as they recite the Mass word for word, he is at pains to keep abreast with them. It seems that audience participation has gone mad...!

However, being a wily old soul; our local curate came up with a clever plan to outwit his flock. He sings much of the mass. Seeing as us Irish prefer to leave the singing to someone else; he's obviously onto a winner! It's a shame really, that we don't sing, I suppose it's a throwback to the days of repression of the Catholic Church; when the Mass was celebrated by the wayside in secret.

Whatever the reason, it is certain that the Church is in crisis; especially when facing the issue of recruiting new vocations (ie new priest's and minister's). Sadly during the past thirteen years I have only encountered one ordination for the Roman Catholic Church and one for the Church of Ireland.

I have made a point of referring to the Roman Catholic Church; as many lack awareness of the fact that the Roman's do not have the monopoly on being 'catholic'; as spoken of in the Nicene Creed, in Roman Catholic and Protestant Churches alike.

Perhaps this is why The Convenor chose to contact Vinca's-In-Tha-Kitchen! In sheer desperation; after all, it was only a recipe for Leek & Potato Soup made on Easter Sunday afternoon...

If nothing else, maybe this is food for thought! In the hope that this will not be considered blasphemy; I am speaking of "The Bread of Life", aren't I...?

Wow! That was intense; wasn't it?

God Bless!

Polly Peirce

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