Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Polly Convenes with Food

Okay, so I'm back...! I'm feeling grotty, I don't have much time and LB has to be delivered to the cub scouts with a full belly; all in less than two hours! As I'm presently stuck down at my Mom's house, while the boys complete their homework (it's an arrangement that usually works best on any day other than Tuesday) I am seriously comtemplating a quick snack for him and a slightly bigger one when he gets home.

I suppose you could call this arrangement a two part dinner! So, what to do? I guess it's going to be a case of the eponymous toasted cheese and onion sandwich, with salad and a peice of fruit with some yoghurt for now. Later on I'll be fixing a bowl of homemade soup and another peice of fruit...


Wednesday 2 April 2008

So; today's a new day, thank goodness! I'm feeling heaps better after a nights rest and can reflect on yesterday's events in a better frame of mind; in the end we made it home in time for me to throw together a quick stew, using best home grown ground/minced beef, enough vegetable's to qualify for the five a day fix and a baked potato done in the microwave. The result was two boys with full tummys, a few minutes to spare and some time for Polly to space out on her computer. I deserved a break as I'd been making greeting cards; by hand, all day!

Now for the recipes; simply put there are none! The soup I spoke of yesterday is really only a variation of my Leek and Potato Soup; altering the ingredients to suit whatever surplus vegetables might be hanging around in the house. Failing this, I sometimes cheat outrageously and use a can of chopped plum tomatoes, the effect is lovely pale orange-red soup with a hint of summer. Nothing however, will beat the taste of a fresh tomato soup, and yes I do mean NOTHING!

For anyone not familiar with Cheese & Onion Toasties - the trick is to make up a sandwich, in the usual fashion, all except for the butter; which is applied to the outside of the bread and not the inside. Assuming that you have access to a toastie maker; plug it in and allow it to heat up until the light goes out and just pop your greasy on the outside creation into it. Close the lid and wait.

I prefer to have golden toasties, which usually means a wait of anything up to ten minutes; it also means ignoring the light which indicates that your snack is ready. Not only this, the cheese does tend to gush out of the back of the toastie maker, making a horrid mess on the work counter; however, the end result is worth it.

A tip on making life easier with regard to the clean up operation - do it at this stage; the filling of your toastie will be too hot to eat and you'll have plenty of time! If all else fails pop a dampened sheet of kitchen towel into the machine and allow to cool, this will make life much easier when you finally get around to cleaning up. Do not attempt to do this until after you have unplugged the machine from the socket, or else...


Now then; as a quick and final note I just want to bring your attention to two new blogs. First of all I was asked very nicely by The Convenor if I would give them a little publicity, my initial response was very much a case of "...not before I've had a good look at them Mate!"

So; of course I did exactly that and was very surprised with the result. Suffice to say that these are entirely honourable and respectable, although I will leave you to make up your own minds about their content. A word of warning; this is not exactly what you might expect from Vinca's-In-Tha-Kitchen! Check 'em out and let me know what you think; I am especially curious as to why I was contacted, considering the nature of the blog!

FSSP Vocations Scotland and Ireland
Traditional Vocations blog

While you're at it, why not check out The Convenor's own blog at this link too.

God Bless!

Polly Peirce


culinarytravelsofakitchengoddess said...

Ooh toasties I love toasties. I don't make them often though because of the mess but my favourite is cheese & tuna mayonnaise.

Polly Peirce said...

I can't say I've tried that in a toastie!

I also like the sweet ones where you combine apple and brown sugar and stuff like that...