Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Polly Skypes Bamboo

From the sublime to the ridiculous; last week seemed to shoot by without time to draw breath and reflect on things; this week has to be a little slower - please?

Amongst other things one of my hurdles was the arrival of my Wacom Bamboo graphics tablet; purchased with the proceeds from the sale of my latest batch of handmade greeting cards. I first had to install it and then use it; while it's fairly straight forward, it does help if you read the manual first! I did my first proper picture on Wednesday; having finally discovered how to use the sketchpad facility; up until then I had been struggling.

And the best bit? While I've been tapping away on the keys writing this post; my new speakers have been treating my ears to the dulcet tones of Internet radio via i-tunes and yes, it is music to my ears! Unlike the previous incumbents these cheap and cheerful Logitech speakers have a pretty good sound quality to them. They actually give the impression that the sound is coming from the screen itself.

All I have to do now is tweak the graphic equaliser on the media player and add a little extra bass to them; which will reduce the slightly tinny quality they afford good rock music. Thankfully, I'm as partial to the sound of classical and new age as I am rock which leads to less in the sensory annoyance department.

That said; I'll probably never get around to adjusting the levels and therefore end up ignoring all requests for music more suitable to the delicate ears of BB who is presently assuming squatter's rights in my bed; while complaining of a stomach bug which is doing the rounds...

Polly Peirce
Purveyor of the Finest Hand-made Irish Greeting Cards and Wedding Stationary

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