Friday, April 25, 2008

Polly Urges You to Sign Petition

I read this post yesterday on Rebecca's blog; it's very interesting and it does make you think. At a time when politicians are resigning from office following disastrous Revelations about their financial affairs; this is just a further example of how life used to be in this country.

Although I was vaguely familiar with this story, I was living in the UK at the time of the incident and my interest was only transitory. Thanks to Irish Sally Garden I am now more au fait with the facts of the case and like many people am appalled at the high-handed and un-professional manner in which it was handled by the trial judge.

I have signed the petition to get to the truth of the matter; demanding that the case be re-opened by An Gardai Siochana at their earliest convenience. As the 'TRUTH' appears to be of the utmost importance at the present time; I cannot think of a better time to investigate this case more thoroughly.

If, as I suspect you are moved by this local family's plight to get to the bottom of what happened that terrible night all those years ago; follow this link to sign the petition...

Thanks for reading this and hopefully supporting this cause;

Your friend

Polly Peirce
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