Thursday, April 24, 2008

Polly's First Five

Over on Fuel MY Blog they're running a competition for an 80Gb iPod Classic or an 8Gb Nano -Your Choice!

Click on the link for all the details...

All you need to do is to write a post on your blog about how you spend the first five minutes of your working day and visit the sponsor Tsheets website and let them know what you think of it. You are also asked to mention Tsheets in your post. Just click on the link to go to the Tsheets sign-up page and click for a free trial.

So what is Tsheets? TSheets is a web-based timesheet system that turns any PC or mobile device into a time clock. The pricing structure is very modest and to be honest it sounds like an absolute bonus for anyone with a thriving small business.

I'm going to sign up for the trial; just because I can, to be honest it is probably a bit naughty of me but I really want an iPod! When I say naughty I mean just; that as the following will prove; then again, maybe this is just what I need to help me track my time and find out how to improve my overall efficiency...

The first five minutes of my working day are pretty simple; as I work from home it usually entails turning on the computer so that I can check my e-mails between school runs. Between bathroom and kettle runs I usually manage to throw some form of clothing on; often over my pjyamas. Because of the magic sleeping pills I am inclined to oversleep; meaning that I don't have much time for myself.

After this I begin my day in earnest with a cuppa and either toast or muesli; plus a handful of tablets, while scanning through the meddley of messages that arrive overnight. As usual there is a lot of spam; which I delete immediately, moving swiftly on to the next. I've learned to read all the messages before clicking on any of the enclosed hyperlinks which slow things up as the internet settings open!

My biggest problem with working from home is time management; which often leads to the second run to the village being completed in my pj's. Once back I reply to anything urgent and file the rest for later.

After that it's straight on to my blog/s to reply to any comments and publish the first post of the day. Although it's normally somewhere around 10 o'clock by this time; in real terms, ie add up this is probably only five minutes!!!!

Bear in mind that I have to get two boys up, breakfasted and packed up for school, drive the five mile round journey to the village at least twice and make packed lunches for them both; while slurping my own cup of tea as I go!

The rest of the day is variable depending on whether or not I have any orders to complete. If I am not busy making cards out in my studio, you will normally find me improving my typing speed at the computer. I also have to improve my profficiency with the Wacom Bamboo graphics tablet; which can keep me occupied for hours.

I have to say that in the course of the past year I have picked up so much; a lot of which I have either put into practise or am in the throws of doing so. I often think that my time at the computer is wasted; but then I look back and reflect on the things I have been able to do as a result of this time spent. All I need to do now is to start making some money...

All donations gratefully received!

Polly Peirce
Purveyor of Fine Hand-made Irish Greeting Cards & Wedding Stationary

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