Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Polly's Super Glue

Very quickley; boys and girls, I want to draw your attention to what should be an essential ingredient in everyone's first aid kit. The magic ingredient is in fact War Hammer Superglue! That's right Superglue! And No! I am not raving...

Having worked for a number of years in the health service industry I have been privilledged to witness many bizarre forms of treatment. Ranging from the use of medical leeches; which have to be immersed into pure alcohol BEFORE you flush them down the sewers, to maggots.

One of the more common place treatments available to the medical profession is Epi-glue; the medical formulation of cyanoacrylate otherwise known as Superglue!
Time and time again complicated lacerations and incisions have been stuck back together again; giving a whole new meaning to the nursery rhyme Humpty Dumpty.
A tiny drop of clear fluid can save the day; much pain and unsightly scar tissue.

Yesterday I was called upon; indeed begged, to stick BJK's scabby hands back together. The pain involved in realigning the skin edges is excrutiating, but once the opening is sealed, the pain is greatly reduced and the risk of infection too. Little did I know that later that evening I would be called upon to stick my dogs leg back on...

My girls were fighting AGAIN! There is little we can do to prevent it except pray that no-one is badly injured as a result of their evil ways. Gypsophillus will always be the underdog due to her size; unfortunately, no one appears to have told her this and she simply can't resist the temptation to have a little snap every now and again. Sometimes; things go badly wrong and I tend to her wounds with my heart in my mouth, while carefully avoiding her extra sharp teeth.

Last night it was Gypsophillus' arm pit and TilleyTwo's gums/jaw. The mouth will hopefully heal itself and was certainly the lesser injury; as the perpetrator was banished to her bed I quietly inspected the blood soaked ginger bitch and discovered a gaping hole in her side. Somehow the bleeding had to be stopped!

LB came to the rescue with wads of cotton wool, allowing me to inspect the damage. BB found his modelling Superglue, which conveniently had a brush applicator; DG held her hind legs still. 'G' does not have a mild temperament at the best of times I had to restrain her head by the collar; while her tongue gradually turned a delicate shade of purple.

Today poor 'G'-dog is limping badly; the limb swollen, it must be so sore. Despite this both dogs gave chase to a neighbouring farmer on his quad bike, and waw his dog off. Trepasser's will NOT be tolerated!

As the day passes the swelling has lessened, the girls are friends again and the inevitable trip to the vetinary surgeon has so far been avoided. I simply pray now that the wound doesn't become infected; and that Gypsophillus makes a good recovery.

Under normal circumstances I would NEVER attempt to stick any dog bite back together; EVER. The wound has to be left open allowing for drainage, and it's not really a good idea to use glue on a dog in the first place. Exceptional circumstances call for extraordinary measures...


Polly Peirce
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Jean said...

Just before I rush out to buy the SuperGlue have I really got this right? In an emergency the SuperGlue can be used to hold a wound together? Like a deep cut or gash? Certainly novel!

Polly Peirce said...

Believe it or not Jean; you have got it right and I've hopefully clarified this on my next post! Check it out...