Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Polly Nominates

My 'brilliante blog!' That's all I could think about last weekend.

As I stated on Friday; when I opened my mail box and received a very nice surprise from my friend Jean, time has been a major problem for me recently. Having been chuffed to nuts over my award I simply have not had the time to bless myself; let alone pass on the award to my favourite blog authors.

So; in order to amend this I hereby nominate the following for the award of Brilliante Blog 2008:

  1. Jean (sorry!) at the English Armchair Abroad - because I just love her original blog;
  2. George of The Culinary Travels of A Kitchen Goddess - who just loves to cook;
  3. Deborah formerly of The Humble Housewife; now writing for through whom I have met so many lovely people & whose chocolate brownie's are mouthwateringly (sic);
  4. Ciaran on Ice-Cream Ireland - guess what one of my biggest weaknesses is?
  5. Rebecca at Irish Sally Gardens - a blog par excellence whose example I intend to follow; one day;
  6. Darina Loakman who is the best known WAHM in Ireland, whose success has inspired me to abandon my preconceived expectations of the workplace and give it a go;
  7. Sandie at The Creative Side of Me because she's hot to scrap and has infected me with the bug too!
Thank you to all of the many and varied nominee's above. Each has proved to be an invaluable source of inspiration in so many different areas of my life, all of whom I encountered during my adventures on the internet. Please click on the links and visit these blogs and leave a comment.

Now for the catch! The idea is that you nominate your seven favourite bloggers and pass on the award by leaving a comment to that effect on their blog. For those lucky enough to be awarded twice; I am sure you will only have to go through this only once; it's meant to be an honour, not a curse...

Display your trophy by simply copying and pasting onto your blog. Now that's what I call hard work...

Thanks again to Jean; I'm going to put my award into my sidebar for everyone to see.


Polly Peirce

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