Friday, August 1, 2008

Polly Flashes Craft Shop

"For Goodness Sake;
She's got the hippy, hippy shakes..."

So this is what it's been like in our house for the past couple of weeks; and just when you thought it couldn't get any worse - it did! No; really folks, it did...

Just as I was basking in the false impression that things were beginning to even out a little and I could draw breath; I realised that I had been kidding myself. First of all it was back to the daily grind of taking LB up to Newbridge for his eight hours a week extra training sessions for the Community Games Finals. This in itself isn't too bad, if only it weren't on four times a week between 10am and 12pm...

Getting LB up in the mornings has been a challenge in itself, let alone driving the twenty-five or so miles there safely and arriving on time. On Monday I was greeted with "Is it true that LB doesn't have a leotard?". My response? Arghh!

Actually the little boy in question had told me about the need for him to wear his leotard; two seconds before I closed the door behind us! At this stage his youthful innocence was greeted with little enthusiasm on my part; as you might imagine.

Combined with the hour or so's driving involved in just getting there and back again (The Hobbit) this wouldn't be so bad; except that we then had to drive into Tullamore to collect my organic basket. On Monday it was being delivered to Dunne & McDonald; our local Toyota dealership; I am sure that there's a subtle irony in this...

It was blistering hot, the atmosphere within the car was sweltering and we were anxious to get home and actually get something done around the house. Sadly none of this was to be as Tony was late in making his delivery; unfortunately given that the sky was a rather unattractive shade of pewter grey by this time, it gave me an opportunity to visit my local craft supplies shop.

Around this time the skies had opened and the downpour was so torrential that I was trapped in the tiny shop for longer than intended; seriously. I learned later that evening that the sudden showers had caused flash flooding in the town; resulting in a very busy evening for our local fire service. Several businesses just around the corner had been flooded...

Still; I bought some more materials to put towards the creation of several scrapbooks that I have started making. From an interest in art generally, I started to make greeting cards using rubber stamping and have gradually moved onto making my own scrap book pages using beautiful materials now available to Irish crafters.

That said; all credit goes to Sandra Dunne of The Midlands Craft Club. She has hosted a number of 'crops' at our local Day's Hotel in Main Street, Tullamore; where she has also provided the materials and the inspiration to have a go at something which I had previously been totally intimidated by!

Anyway, being several euro's lighter of pocket I returned home a little wetter than I had been; but with a broad smile upon my face due to the fact that I had found myself a couple of great bargains. Thankfully Monday was one of the few days where I don't have to cook...

However, as the Scouts were hosting a barbecue and a meeting about our forthcoming trip to Austria I had rashly promised to make Potato Salad and Coleslaw. Imagine my delight when I discovered just a smear of mayonnaise at the bottom of the jar less than an hour before we were due to depart!

This was the start of another of Polly's adventures involving the use of six eggs, olive oil and cider vinegar to make her own version of the popular salad dressing. Amongst other exciting events that evening came the entertainment of a prospective scouter, translation of the word donkey into Portuguese and the receipt of a swanky new Centenary neckerchief and woggle.

The evening culminated with a trip to Tesco's whereupon BB purchased a second pair of polarised sunglasses; which might be very nice except for the fact that they have already become invisible (ie disappeared!). Afterwards, at around 22.50hrs the boys were in the mood for pranks and took great delight in decorating my mist covered car with all manner of graffiti; what a shame then that I somehow managed to run BB's foot over.

Thankfully no great harm was done and the rest of the day passed away peacefully...

Until the next time;

Polly Peirce

Handmade Greeting Card Maker Supreme

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