Friday, October 3, 2008

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I thought a topical post for today would be the state of the world economy; particularly the state of affairs here in Ireland. In the past week the Irish government has taken the unprecedented action of guaranteeing several Irish banks in an attempt to avert further economic disaster being visited upon the population.

Quite obviously this was in response to the unfortunate attempt to do much the same thing in the United States. The effect of this action has been interesting; one of the results is that account holders in the UK have suddenly become interested in transferring their savings to Irish banks.

It's funny how things like this can affect ones personal dealings with banking institutions. For example, only this morning my Mom was wondering if she should withdraw her savings with one relative newcomer to the market and place them in another. The bank concerned is owned by the mortgage banking conglomerate known as HBOS; which is now owned by Lloyds TSB.

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Funnily enough, as I stated in one of my recent posts I had approached the very same banking institution with a view to opening an account with them. This was in an attempt to separate my business from my personal spending; things have been getting quite confused here at Vinca Cards recently and enough was enough! I finally had to draw the line somewhere. Sadly my application was declined...

My good friend Ms M; who had handled the application was nice enough to let me know in person that this had happened. Considering that there have been no bad debts associated with my address in any of the years since my occupation; I was, to say the least shocked by the banks decision but decided to put it down to experience and not to get upset.

Ms M planned on appealing the banks decision; on my behalf. However, as I had heard nothing further, not even a polite letter declining my application; I shrugged my shoulders and continued life as usual. Imagine; therefore my surprise when early this week, I received a letter welcoming me to the fold which was promptly followed by a pretty turquoise Visa-debit card and a pin number today!

The weekly drives to get customers are becoming more and more aggressive, with their front of house staff being placed under increasing pressure by their managers. I wonder if my acceptance was due to my friendly banker's intervention; or have they realised that their foothold on the Irish high street was becoming shaky?

Either way, I am pleased to announce that from now on at least one of us will be able to tell how much of their spending is business related; and how much isn't! Now all I have to do is to start making some serious money...


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