Monday, October 6, 2008

Polly Studying

It has just gone three in the afternoon on Monday and guess what? No kids! BJK is collecting LB; while I head into town and collect the organic basket and do some banking for DG. Obviously I'm not doing that at this very moment; but I will be...

Actually, I'm listening to a pod-cast by one of my on-line mentor's; ie Alice Seba. It's an interesting recording; though it does demand that you set aside some time to listen to it properly. I really must locate my famed MP3 player; the one which DG bought me at Christmas for that express purpose! It really annoys me; that I don't use resources which have been made so freely available to me.

Ultimately; these amount to the two e-courses that I subscribed to way back in June, and of course the famed mp3 player. Thankfully my subscription for the Blogging Starter Pack is valid for a long, long time; allowing me to learn how to set up a blog from scratch at my leisure. As is Alice's Internet Marketing Sweetie; Hallelujah!

Today for the first time I have actually taken the time to sit down and listen to the first part of one of these courses; forced to do so largely by the aches & pains currently inhabiting my body this is nevertheless quite an achievement. Since subscribing; all that time ago, I printed out the accompanying seventy page workbook a second time. Last time it was an unmitigated disaster. I'd decided to be clever and print on both sides of the paper; thus making it impossible to maintain continuity. The front page was printed on the back of the last page and so on...

This afternoon I used A5 format allowing for two pages per side; cleverly avoiding any further abuse of modern technology. I'll be reverting to my beloved guillotine and comb-binder in the very near future to make this e-book look and feel like something a little bit more robust.

In the old days I would have resorted to using a hole-punch and a ring bound folder. Had I been really posh; or even that bothered, I may have strengthened the holes by applying paper polo shaped reinforcements....

It appears that there's a lot of study ahead of me; and once again procrastination is being booted out the door. Time's too short and precious to waste it feeling sorry for myself; nursing sore hands, back and feet. I also resolve to take my medications as prescribed; not to loose the new packages any more and to go to bed early having already completed my homework.

The very thought of it makes the hairs on the back of my neck stand on end. I mean; it's okay to have all the answers for the children but it's quite a different matter when it comes to disciplining oneself and putting all that into practice.

I wonder; do you practice what you preach? Do let me know; I could do with a little bit of moral support right now...

Polly Pierce
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