Friday, November 21, 2008

Is Polly Hooked On Panto?

Just this morning I decided to check my stats and was pleasantly surprised to notice a number of visits from Donal Skehan's 'The Good Mood Food Blog.' In my infinite wisdom to check Donal out out; probably, well almost certainly because he's playing Peter Pan in this years Cheerio's Panto at the Tivoli.

The following video was posted on his blog and it's well worth watching; by the way his steak pie looks good too!

Anyone who has been following this blog from the beginning will know that Vinca and family are big fans of the panto; especially those starring Alan Hughes as Sammy Sausages! In the beginning; well, since the beginning of LB's young life, Sammy's panto was performed down at
the quays in St Anthony's church hall.

Sadly; some of the older members of the cast departed to higher planes, while younger fitter actors followed in their stead. One of these is the ever faithful Joe Conlon; appearing as the demur Miss Buffy Minogue he/she has become a family favourite.

Initially the change was hard to swallow; Buffy's youth allowing an altogether more provocative side of the ugly sister to prevail. Compared with the octogenarian panto stars of the past his/her behaviour was shocking; however he/she carries this off with such aplomb that the audience has come to love this essential member of the cast.

A while back we saw the venue change to the more modern Liberty Hall Theatre above the head offices of SIPTU. Not only did the venue change; so did the sponsor's. This lead to all new costumes and an altogether brighter image for Anthem Productions. Despite the increased professional back up; the show must go on showcasing Karl Broderick and Alan Hughes dream's of old fashioned nostalgia combined with modern wit and up to the minute music. Remarkably the show gets better each year...

2008 sees another change of scenery. This time the audience must find their way to The Tivoli Theatre in Frances Street, The Liberties; early booking is advised as this is a small venue with limited seating capacity. This fact was announced from the stage by Sammy himself and thankfully we were lucky enough to secure our usual front of house seats; whereby we shall heckle the cast and soak up the infectious spirit of post New Year's merry making spectacular on the stage.

Purely by chance young Donal, whose scrumptious food blog will leave all but the die-hard's salivating led me to discover that Peter Pan has many talents. Not only is he an accomplished cook and food photographer, he has produced radio shows, presented TV shows, appeared as a prospective Euro-vision representative earlier this year and has even worked as surprise, surprise; a chef in a Scandinavian fortress...

So, who else is appearing in this year's epic production at the Tivoli? Aside from the regulars ie Sammy & Buffy we will be watching Brian Dowling starring as Captain Hook and Jenny Lee Masterson in the role of Tinkerbell; doesn't she look cute?

The only mystery left now is who exactly will play Wendy...

Personally; I can't think of a better way to start the New Year than to sit and shout at some of my favourite stars in the hope that they will loose their lines and crack up laughing! It's happened before and believe me; they are every bit as ruthless as they pick on unsuspecting members of the audience!

If you'll take my advice head over now to the Ticket Reservation office before the last tickets are sold out; I've already come across an agency touting for tickets at whatever price you command! Really folks, this is the best show in town over the festive season; so much so that competitor's have been sighted in the audience consistently year after year. Maybe they want a few tips on how to do it properly?

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