Friday, December 5, 2008

Polly Peeved!

For those of you who have been following the life of Vinca Cards closely; some of you will know that I rashly took out an advertising contract some time ago with a company called This was early September when the children had just returned to school.

One afternoon I received a phonecall from a very persuasive young lady who was so disappointed with my refusal to go with them that she immediately called me back to offer me an offer that I couldn't refuse. Namely I could get three months advertising with them for one hundred euro's on a trial basis; and if I wasn't happy with the results I could withdraw from their site without any further ado.

Sadly after six weeks I had had twenty impressions on the mini-site/page that they had set up for me; which in turn led to a total of 3 click-thru's. I know this because I have a print out that they sent me the day I rang them up to cancel my listing. It is rather a shame; as I had had high hopes for this particular form of advertising and had been watching my own statistics like a hawk! Show me anyone who doesn't!?

Here I am still in #2 slot weeks after I requested this ad to be de-listed!

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Despite their enthusiastic argument about not being able to drive people to my site; I was able to contradict the evidence presented to me by making reference to my own statistical analyses which is configured to screen out visits from my own IP address, ie me! So, by process of elimination the three click-thru's so proudly referred to were in fact me...

As for the twenty or so impressions; well, I don't know about you but when I engage the services of a company I like to keep an eye on them and make sure that they are following instructions/requests made. I think that it is a fairly sensible precaution to follow, especially when like so many; money is at a premium. In this instance I was proven right in my instincts and have had to contact the company a couple of times more than I would have preferred.

In the more recent past the majority of the impressions recorded were indeed myself keeping an eye on things. Since mid October, which is when I requested my company to be de-listed there appears to have been no movement in this direction. To this day Vinca Cards is right up there in the #2 spot for Offaly Weddings; I was also promised #1; but hey, who cares?!

This is Me!
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The customer representative who has been dealing with my dissatisfaction with's handling of my account was unprepared for my arguments when she first rang me; placing me on hold for at least seven minutes. When eventually my file had been located the information recorded was incorrect.

Some weeks later this same woman; whose personable manner was heard to utter "...we can't be responsible for literally driving customer's to your site!" was unable to respond appropriately when once again I informed her that I was my #1 client! Why would anyone want to visit their own page so often? To make sure that the advertising company was doing its job and had pulled my advert...

Even today my page is still listed as Offaly's #2 wedding vendor; I know this because I checked - again! So there goes another impression on my page; still I do find it rather odd as the same lovely customer service rep promised me that she would shut it down and send me confirmation in writing to that effect.

This is Me!
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All I can say is that I am not a happy customer and therefore it would be best for all if would follow through on their promises and deal with my queries efficently. Afterall a happy customer is great; but an unhappy customer dealt with in the correct manner is even better. Word of Mouth is the greatest form of advertising and anyone who wishes to know more about my personal troubles with having my requests dealt with should head over to the IBW forum where it is documented for all to see.

While we are on the subject; I would be grateful though if no-one follows the links (which I have deactivated) to Vinca Cards at I don't want them getting the wrong idea now, do I?
All I can say is that I am now very upset and it seems that I am not the only one...

As for the wisdom of my stating my case so publicly on my own blog; who knows? I haven't misappropriated any of the details but I have taken three screen shots of my own page listing with the company concerned. If everything had've gone the way I'd have liked them to I would have done much the same thing recommending that everyone go with; wouldn't I?

Ladies and gentlemen; please make up your own mind at let me know what you think. I could do with a little feedback and maybe even some support on this issue. Thanks for taking the time to 'listen'.

Polly Pierce

Vinca Cards - The Irish Hand-Made Wedding Stationary & Greeting Card Company

ps. Despite the inability of the advert pictured above I do accept paypal on my website and would be delighted to hear from you at; and don't forget I'll be watching my stats pages like a hawk!!!

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