Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Planning A Summer Holiday In Ireland? Polly Tells It As It Is...

Apropos of yesterday's quick post I thought I would explain a little bit about Glenveagh. This is especially for anyone who may be thinking aobut spending a little time in and around the island of Ireland this summer.

Glenveagh Castle lies nestled amongst the mountains in Co Donegal on the North West Coast of Ireland. The forest park are open to members of the public; providing walks of different gradings depending on ability.

A regular shuttle bus runs as far as the Castle and its spectacular collections of gardens; making short work of the 2 kilometer drive way! From experience I can tell you that it is well worth the small fee for this luxury; having taken my doglet for a nice long walk about these beautiful gardens.

It is a very long walk back to the car park; however it can be very rewarding if your interests lie in flora and fauna; just don't forget to use your insect repellent. Some years ago, my Mom & I decided to pay this beautiful place a visit with the two boys on a beautiful summer's day. (Yes, I did say beautiful and summer in the same sentence!)

Unfortunately no-one had warned us about the midges which haunt the gardens at Glenveagh Castle; nor had we considered the possibility despite knowing that it was located on the banks of a rather large lough. Fortunately I tend to carry insect repellent wherever I go; being a good Scout - that is! How well I remember the pleasure of being able to blast the myriad of insects while spraying myself and two little boys - ah, the delight!

Somewhat more unfortunate is the tale of my Mom; who was simply too impatient to stand still long enough to be sprayed properly. In her motherly way she declared that she would be fine and to stop with the fussing! Within a very short time the effects of this became quite noticeable; as the complete left side of her upper body and face were red, swollen and itchy. These were the parts that my Jungle Formula had failed to reach!!!!!

For anyone considering a trip to this lovely place; consider yourself warned - the insects around here have got big teeth!

I hope you enjoyed that trip down memory lane...

All the Best,

Polly Pierce
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