Monday, March 2, 2009

Polly Chickens Out...

Some time ago I decided, in my infinite wisdom, to join Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall on his "Chicken Out Campaign" by signing the petition and giving it a write up. For those of you who surf with sound, you may have noticed a noise emanating from the bottom of the page.

This informs readers of the number of signature's to date.

Following a weekend of cooking over fallen wood camp fires in the wilds of rural Ireland, I returned reluctantly to my computer and opened up the latest in Hugh's newsletters detailing the winner of the design a new label for Tesco's Chicken. Congratulations to Debbie Cripps, whose label design epitomises the soul of this campaign.

Do click on the screen below and see some of the winning entries, without a doubt the standard was high and it must have been a phenomenal task choosing one over the other. Afterwards, having viewed some pretty appalling images of battery chickens which end up on other peoples tables for as little as £1.00 why not head over to Chicken Out TV and lend support to the appeal?

Just by adding your name to the petition, which includes some prestigious names you will be adding fuel to the fire. You can, however, also invite your friends to join the campaign too by sending them a personal message from Hugh himself!

Either way, please don't just speed on through. Do give this issue some thought and remember that free-range or organic chicken really does taste better; so you get to enjoy something wholesome, nutritious and cruelty free with a clear conscience...

So, there's some food for thought!Enjoy...

Polly Pierce

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