Thursday, April 2, 2009

Polly Wonders Why We Do The Things We Do?

For various reasons I seem to have been on an unplanned abstention from the busy IBW forum. Possibly this is because I've been so busy in the real world, between making cards of all shapes and sizes and Scouting I haven't had time to bless myself. On the one hand it's great, and yet on the other hand I can't help but feel that I have been missing out on something...

Take Eileen Bennett (AKA Ask Mammy) for example, I don't know her personally but was dismayed to read that she has recently been quite unwell - get well soon! Apparently, a randy stallion who was cooped up in his stall tried to kiss her. This lady, whose tenacity is to be admired calmly peered through the red mist of blood and excruciating pain, picked up the lump of flesh off the ground and walked back to the house to cleanse and refrigerate.

Thankfully, while the damage was extensive Eileen is on the mend, albeit with a copious number of stitches and she has adopted the approach that it is she who was to blame and not the horse. This of course reminds me of the not so tender caress imposed on me by my own beloved Gypsophillus.

Having failed to read the warning signs I continued to 'play' with her, while she growled at her canine competition in warning. Unfortunately, the result led to some very rude words, a dash to the bathroom to cleanse and examine and then a heartfelt apology to my companions who had stared at me in disbelief as I insulted the very ground upon which they sat.

I now have a well healed scar of about two inches in length just above my left eyebrow. Thankfully it nestles well amongst the lines on my forehead. I was lucky, not only had it narrowly missed my eye, there was little in the way of infection and so the scarring isn't that noticeable.

If one of the children had done what either of two wise old women did, it'd be quite a different story altogether, wouldn't it? While the circumstances of these two cases differ, I can only thank God that each had sufficient awareness of their own hand in the events and the wisdom to act accordingly.

Gypsophillus remains my stalwart companion and I have learned that we grown-ups should heed our own advice, in all areas of life. And so, without further ado I will head off now to read up on the minutes of the Offaly Dyslexia Group in preparation for the committee meeting this evening, oh joy of joys!

Mind you; without all this running around I simply wouldn't know what to do with myself, would I?

Polly Pierce
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