Friday, April 10, 2009

Polly's Post-Script!

A few days ago I came across another remarkable blog challenge, again offering some cool blog candy. This time I was definitely going to enter it, went away, made my coloured card and promptly forgot all about Crafty Goings On: Blog Candy With A Twist. Argggh!

The twist is that Karen is generously offering a whole 72 COPIC marker's to the lucky winner. "Oh wow!" I hear you say, "What's the big deal?" Okay, the answer is this: Simply put these markers are new on this side of the pond and they are the next big thing in permanent markers. They are also hellishly expensive and I want them - NOW!!!! So there...

The good news is that by stumbling across this contest, largely due to Sandie, I have found a distributor in this neck of the woods and that with Sterling almost on parity with the Euro, I may just be able to save up and buy them one at a time!

Sadly the contest closes today, and I might just be too late. I'm hoping that by April 10th, ie Good Friday she means midnight. Finger's crossed! Px

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