Thursday, May 7, 2009

How Does Polly Love Metallica On Celtic Anne's Harp?

Hey guys, I first came across this fabulous artist on Facebook. Anne Roos of Carson City, Nevada is an accomplished Celtic Harpist who plays a lot of weddings, has four CD's and is extremely versatile as the video proves:

Isn't she great? Okay, so I am biased. I love Celtic Harp Music and Led Zepellin, so really I couldn't ask for a better combination. (I wonder if she does transatlantic shows?) Anyhow, for those of you who loved the first video, the second one is equally good. Anne plays some famous hard rock to the tune of Metallica, Cold Play and Lynard Skynard - in the shower!

She also has a great sense of humour given the places and pieces she plays! My advice to anyone is just to open up a new tab or window and let Anne lighten your heart as she plays contemporary pieces mixed in with traditional celtic ones. So, ladies and gentlemen, just to prove that she can go one better than that (yes, it is possible!) the final video shows Anne playing to one of Santa's Elves - from the elevator!

Not only does Anne demonstrate very clearly her love for this classic instrument, having captured the very essence of modern rock and made it her own, she has also published a book "The Musician's Guide To Brides". This title may sound a little bit odd, to some, but believe me, it is a much needed volume "...which has established her (Anne) as an authority in marketing, publicity, promotion, sales and performing arts know how for anyone hoping to "Make A Living Gigging".

If you've managed to get to the bottom of this post and still not listened to Anne play her enchanting music, just press that button and get on with it NOW! Enjoy...

Polly Pierce

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