Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Pollys Wedding Crasher!

Earlier this morning I was checking out my FaceBook page and noticed a great entry by my good friend Bláithín O'Reilly Murphy of Distinctive Weddings. Her latest entry on the blog has certainly come up trumps with some good old common sense and easy tips on how to choose colours for your wedding party. This instantly brought to mind a tale recently told of a wedding party witnessed at an exclusive hotel north of Dublin last week.

The bride who'd arrived in a stretch hummer(?) was spotted mounting the stairs for the obligatory photo shot. Witnessed by some twenty male guests from the balcony above the bride was observed holding her oversized meringue in both arms; the brides-maids were obliged to actually wait upon their bride. Assisting in this enormous feat, was the groom.

What made this event spectacular was the ladies in waiting. Donned in almost fluorescent orange hot pants and matching cropped laced halter-neck top top they made the bride appear demur; the bridal gown was the epitome of taste. To complement the ensemble peplums/trains of turquoise-blue voile flowed elegantly to the floor, having emerged like like a tail from the hot pants derriers!

So taken with the scene observed, my reporter neglected to remark the ladies footwear he did however notice one nice touch, often forgotten these days is the wearing of the mantilla. In this instance the ladies concerned each wore one in a delightful matching turquoise-blue accenting their outfits perfectly.

Sadly due to circumstances the decision taken by my intrepid reporter was not to acquire photographic evidence of such splendour, rather to leave without making any sudden movements and breathe a sigh of relief when he was able to open the throttle and re-enter life on the road.

Apparently, the young lady concerned did not have the opportunity to read the Distinctive Weddings blog!

Polly Pierce

A friend of mine left the following remark on my Facebook page:
"you're making that up Pauline!! or else your reporter just crashed a film set surely?"
Just to put the record straight this is a real life event witnessed by someone reliable, who chose to smile, just like the poor hotel receptionist and take their leave without drawing attention to themselves. Laugh? I nearly cried...

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