Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Pollys Love Of Irish Food...

Although this post is definitely food related I decided to place it here on this blog to highlight the successes of local businesses and also to draw your attention to National Organic Week 2009. Just this morning as I wrote my posts for Vinca's-In-Tha-Kitchen I heard the tell-tale ping'ing noise which alerts me that something new has dropped into my in-box.

Surprisingly enough it was my copy of this months Glenisk Moosletter. Really this couldn't be more appropriate if it tried. The Cleary's of Newtown, Killeigh have been dedicated to things organic and green for a long time now! They have recently joined the Love Irish Food Campaign which is encouraging consumers to add just one more Irish brand to their shopping each week to help stimulate growth in the Irish economy and safeguard jobs.

What makes its arrival even better is the fact that once again these local people have won another prestigious award for one of their products

"Awards for Glenisk in 2009"
Glenisk Greek Style Yogurt takes Gold at the National Organic Awards

2009 National Organic Awards PresentationGlenisk has won
Best Retail Product at the 2009 National Organic Awards. The awards were presented at an event in Bord Bia, Dublin on 14 September, to mark the beginning of Ireland's National Organic Week.

The winning product was our Greek Style Natural Yogurt, launched at the end of 2008 - this product, which
is also available in blueberry flavour, is Glenisk's creamiest most indulgent yogurt yet.

MD Vincent Cleary accepted the award from Trevor Sargent, T.D., Minister for Food & Horticulture at the Department of Agriculture, Fisheries & Food.

I'm pretty sure we will all agree that this is a great achievement for anybody's business, but what makes it extra special for me is the fact that these guys are locals.

In addition to this Glenisk is also celebrating the fact that it now available in Northern Ireland.
"Bringing organic dairy foods to Northern Ireland is an important step in our mission to create an Organic Ireland."

All that remains for me to say is congratulations and keep up the good work...

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