Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Is organic worth it asks Polly?

In recognition of National Organic Week 2009 yesterday's Irish Times published this article which makes interesting reading:

Is organic worth it?

Despite the recession and a belief that they’re more expensive, sales of organic food are up 16 per cent on last year – and that’s on top of price-cutting and increased competition, writes CONOR POPE

IT’S BEEN a tough year for organic food producers. As if convincing people to spend a little more on food in the middle of a full-blown depression wasn’t hard enough, they’ve also had to combat a headline-generating scientific report which was published this summer casting doubt on the nutritional benefits of their produce[...]


George@CulinaryTravels said...

One word answer: YES! Organic is so definitely worth it.

Polly Pierce said...

Whatever about the recent doubts thrown upon the issue of organic being nutritionally better, it definitely tastes better!

If I can persuade my kids to eat their veggies, just because they're organic there has to be something good about it...