Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Polly's Got A Little List...

This is just a very quick post to draw your attention to the fact that at long last THE list is out! What list? TH-E L-I-S-T!

Okay, I'll admit it. The above paragraph, if one could be so generous as to call it that, is a little like the stereotype of the tourist abroad. If at first you fail to make yourself understood, rather than try to speak the lingo, slow down, spell it out and raise your voice; then surely they will understand what it is you are trying to impart...

Raw nominations list!

Organised by Damien Mulley, once again the Irish Web Awards return to showcase and reward Irish webmasters for their get up and go.

Already, having glanced at the list and having been tipped off by a friend; I notice a couple of bloggers that I've reviewed or linked to in the past. Namely we have Feelgood Organic Hampers, and The Organic Supermarket in the Most Beautiful Website in Ireland category – Sponsored by Beaut.ie and Irish Business Women.com in the Best Discussion forum category – sponsored by KRO IT Solutions.

The GoodMoodFood Blog is nominated in the Most Useful Website in Ireland – Sponsored by DoneDeal.ie and in the Most Beautiful Website in Ireland category.

If you have a look in the right hand side bar of my other blog you will notice a link for Celtic Camper Vans who have been nominated in the Best eCommerce / Services Website category – sponsored by Cybercom. Sad to say, that Vinca was not nominated for any of the categories and will continue on as usual, popping in and out as and when.

Celtic Campervans - The Motorhome Rental Specialists
I am sure that there will be a couple more categories published in the next couple of days for example the Best Social Media Campaign, which closes its doors to nominees on 17 September 2009. So if there's anyone out there who thinks that they may fit into this category please visit the link above and complete the nomination form...

Needless to say, this is an exciting time for all the nominees and I wish each and every one of them all the best in this. It's a delight to see three great food blog/websites on the list, fingers crossed that they make it through to the short list.

Just one more thing about the awards. They really are an opportunity to showcase the best of Irish blogs and websites. Just by perusing the list I have discovered one or two sites that I wasn't aware of to date; and a couple of impending functions associated with them so why not use this list as a starting point for discovering some of the best Irish writers on the block?

Polly Pierce

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