Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Polly Crafting On The Web?

Once again I've spied some yummy blog candy and I want it! (see below) Not only do I want the candy which becomes available when PartiCraft Ltd reach a massive 500 followers on their blog, but I want more...

It seems that this company, who set up their blog back in June of last year, are not only on the web but they also employ direct sales techniques by hiring demonstrators who travel far and wide peddling their wares. I know that this really doesn't sound that inspiring, but wait just a moment. consider the fact that much of what is available to crafters' here in Ireland is produced by Design Objectives; consisting mainly of products in the Do-crafts or Papermania ranges. Yep, it's fairly limited, isn't it?

Sure there are some independent craft companies who do stock more a wider range of more interesting stock. Unfortunately, access to them is mainly on the internet and seldom in the flesh. This of course means that craft addicts are restricted to buying stash without the pleasure of inspecting it beforehand.

PartiCraft, like several other mainly American companies have found a niche market. By holding craft parties in your own home or at a local venue; demonstrations of how to use their products and hostess rewards PartiCraft are different. Admittedly, things are on the up in the UK and there is probably a wider audience for their wares, but papercrafting is finally taking off over here and Irish crafters are frustrated with the lack of stash locally available. Maybe, just maybe this is where PartiCraft will triumph...

One of the largest direct sales craft companies, American based Stampin Up; has declined numerous invitations to open up its sales force in the Republic, while it happily carries out its business north of the border. To add insult to injury their demonstrators/reps are not allowed to accept orders from an address in the Republic of Ireland either!

Fingers crossed that PartiCraft will have the foresight to cash in on an open market while it's still available. Meanwhile, I still want that blog candy and am offering it to you too! All you have to do is go to their blog, sign up to follow it, place a link on your blog and then e-mail them to let them know what you've done. It couldn't be simpler, could it? There is just one catch and that is that the candy will only be available once they've reached the five hundred followers mark...

Be good!

Polly Pierce

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