Sunday, March 7, 2010

Self-taught Scot has designs on world domination as she knits her way to fame - Times Online

I don't know quite how I came across this lassie, but I've been following her exploits for the past couple of years. Maybe it's because I've always wanted to be able to knit beautiful garments and dress nicely? Whatever the answer, I log in periodically and catch up...

Only this morning, while languishing in my lovely comfortable, warm bed making use of my recently purchased 14 foot long ethernet lead and a borrowed lap-top computer I noticed that my friend Jean was online. Not being one to miss an opportunity to indulge in a quick chat, especially as my friend lives in France I jumped right in.

Now Jean is an accomplised knitter, often publishing beautiful photo's of her latest creations on her blog. I on the other hand taught myself to knit by means of forgotten memories of childhood disasters and a brilliant little book that I picked up in the late 1980's in Leeds. To date my triumphs have included numerous benny hats and a short cravat style scarf made out of reclaimed arran wool that used to be my favourite jumper. There is no comparison...

Amongst other things the name Ysolda cropped up in our chat. Jean sent me a link to the Times online article that was published a couple of weeks ago about this remarkable lassie. I said that I thought she was definitely going places, Jean said that she thinks she already has...

Times Online

Certainly, Ysolda Teague deserves to go places. Her designs are gorgeous, often based on vintage styles which she somehow carries off so elegantly. Recently she's been on a tour of America promoting her latest pattern book Whisical Little Knits 2, while many of her designs are available on line, there are even a freebie or two. Currently I'm still struggling to make my lovely beret, but I suspect that it might be ready in time for next winter!

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