Saturday, May 22, 2010

Polly Launches Dungarvan Brewing Company In Dublin...

Just a quick update on the recent post I did on the Dungarvan Brewing Company who produce a range of Bottle conditioned beers - Black Rock Irish Stout, Copper Coast Red Ale, Helvick Gold Blonde Ale their micro-brewery down in Co Waterford.(just typing the names has my imagination salivating!)

I recently received a message in my Facebook message box which informed me that they are expanding! Yes, for those of you lucky enough to be living in Dublin they will be having a launch party in the 'Bull and Castle' on Lord Edward Street in Dublin on Thursday 3rd June starting at 7pm.

I have to admit that I am just a wee bit envious and wish that I live in Dublin. By the time this date comes around I'll be back in the workforce for the first time in four years or so, so I definitely won't be in a position to join the party! Still, there will always be another one...

Meanwhile, if you'd like to keep up with their exploits they now have a blog or rather their chief brewer now has one. This is a good read which is full of useful information for would be real ale drinkers not least because it contains the link to their map of stockists!

Meanwhile, despite the beautiful weather I'm just going to have to content myself with a lovely pint of tap water...

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