Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Polly's A Thrifty Mammy

Thrifty Mammy Deborah recently resurrected her blogging expertise to bring us a great site full of tips and tricks on how to get by in comfort during these troubled economic times. With favourites such as Lidl and Aldi ranking highly on her list of crucial buys Deborah presents delights such as home-made bacon rashers to menu planning this lady certainly knows her onions.

In addition to this Deborah's site is jam packed with tasty but frugal recipes suitable for a family with young children. Reading her shopping list can be quite a revelation, because for the most part there is very little unusual listed on it. Perhaps this is due to her Irish-American background or maybe she just has more in the way of imagination than most, but this lady is a dab hand with the slow cooker and menu planning. She is a breath of fresh air, not least because she is based here in Ireland which makes her advice so much more worthwhile for the likes of you and me...

Like it or loathe, it our present economic climate presents us with opportunities to rediscover the simple pleasures of home cooked food, rather than fast mass produced factory food. If you read Deborah's regular updates and take them to heart there is no reason why you too shouldn't be eating like a king on a paupers wages! But hang on just one moment, Deborah doesn't stop at food.

She also gives some great advice on how to make a few extra bob to spend on 'lidl treats' such as holidays or even your common or ordinary dvd rental. Check out this Thrifty Mammy's site and let me know what you think

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Deborah said...

Aw, thanks Pauline! <3