Thursday, September 12, 2013

Polly's Subtitled & Chaotic

Referring back to yesterday's post my apparent schizophrenic dress sense has its issues. While sensible, hard wearing boyish clothing is needed for all sides of scouting, I can hardly be expected to do my chores or even tend to the garden in clothing that'll be needed for the weekend's activities so that leads to the need for different practical clothing. Interviews, functions, weddings, good days, bad days, you name it. They all require different uniforms.

Take all of the above and multiply them by four and you have a bad case of CHAOS! To the recipe add the fact that I'm a hoarder and am still finding bits that can be given to the two year old next door, the fact that I've changed size several times over the past 10yrs and the boys and my partner have grown through several sizes too and it gets worse.

Storage has always been a problem. I don't have built in wardrobes rather two singles and a supposed double wardrobe designed for persons of the Edwardian era. I don't have chests of drawers, rather three overhead lockers, two drawers, a set of four drawers and those tiny drawers in bedside cabinets. All in all I've a problem. Yep, I also have mice in the airing cupboard/hotpress! They come in every winter and we've been trying to stop them for the past seventeen years...

You'd think that as a scout I'd be able to put a stop to the winter invasion, afterall, I'm supposed to be resourceful, aren't I? I've got my ultrasonic device, mousetraps, and poison (most successful at killing) but they still come in by the dozen. We've sealed off any visible holes, used hard board and expanding foam and still they manage it!

Hopefully this year won't see them adding to the CHAOS which is on its way to being much reduced as I'm working on my hot-spots, swishing & swiping, decluttering and organising despite the madness which surrounds me. LB was kind enough to errect my latest pine shelving. Destined to replace the dexion shelving in my shed, they have remained in the hall for a couple of weeks now. Rather than whinge about how people won't help me, I simply used them as a storage place for my towels. This has turned out to be quite a success with members of my family actually replacing towels in the bathroom if muggins here forgets!

At this stage in my life I've got to admit to being slightly mad. I must be to live in such a chaotic household with a family who appear to think I'll do whatever if they don't. Recently I took a couple of days off, to recover from slaving myself into an early whatever. The result? A somewhat cluttered and untidy kitchen! And?

Yes! The guys had to clear it away. Loading the dishwasher after unloading it appears to be beyond them all. Only on Saturday having worked from 8am till 9.30pm with about an hour off for lunch I sat and watched the subtitled Young Inspector Montalbano - such hard work, I think not!

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