Friday, May 29, 2015

Polly Dodd On The Telly?

I described my last post as self indulgent and wordy. That's because it is. On both counts! So, in the spirit of all things self indulgent and wordy I thought you might like to find out what the face behind the voice might look like?

A couple of weeks ago I was contacted by Irish TV and asked if I'd participate in a show called Offaly Matters. As you may know I do my scouting in the near-ish town of Edenderry and the show were visiting the town and wanted to interview someone in connection with scouting in the town. This was on the Wednesday and the show was to be recorded on the Friday! Short notice to say the least.

My initial reaction was that there was just no way that I could oblige them as I was due to head off with the Scout Troop to a county competition elsewhere in the Slieve Blooms. I assumed that the times would clash. They didn't and the long and short of things is that I went off to meet the team at 2pm on Friday May 1st at the Parish Centre in Edenderry to talk about scouting...

As usual I'd cut myself short in time, leaving little choice but to allow my hair to dry naturally as I drove over to meet Laura & Dave for Offaly Matters 13. The end result is that I look as though I'd been pulled through a hedge backwards having first swapped locks with Ken Dodd of The Diddy Men fame but otherwise I was shocked at how well the interview went!

If anyone can instruct me on how to record the interview for posterity I'd be delighted as it would be good to have it as a sticky on our facebook page and website

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