Thursday, April 7, 2016

Waiting For A #3 Bus...

Relating to an old expression describing life's propensity for frustrating the innocent by sending things all at once, or not at all. Standing at the bus stop on many of the numerous days of my life, the bus has failed to come. The resulting frustration is only exaggerated when suddenlty after much waiting two buses arrive together!

And so it is with posts on this blog! Truth be told, the preceding posts were written months ago only to be abandonned for whatever reasons at the time. Regarding the one on pain, the object of my affections appeared at my shoulder, reading what I was writing at a time when my writing would have seemed inappropriate, hence the shutting down of the project without much ado...

The second post about my beautiful carnivorous feathered friend probably just ran out of battery power leading to a happily fibro-fogged forgetfulness and it being published today. I still have no photos of this hungry beastie, but maybe one day I'll take up residence in a slightly warmer field with my tripod and a telephoto lense. Probably by that time he'll be happily married with chicks of his own and the killing spree will have intensified to the point of no return!

(I've found the most delicious photo of a common buzzard that shows this magnificent beast off beautifully in flight and hopefully the gentleman who took it will allow me to use it. Fingers crossed!)

My greatest regret isn't so much the happily coloured flock of small birdies moving out of the area for fear of being eaten, rather that my Buzzard hasn't taken to killing the rodent population of the area, resulting in poison being laid in the attic, beneath the floor boards and in the ceiling. The irony may even lead to the untimely demise of Mr Buzzard as apparently said rodents flee the confines of a nice warm house and prefer to die in the wild, outside where the laying of poison is the number one killer of many birds of prey on a global scale. I don't want to participate in the pandemic slaughter of birds, nor do I want to live with mice and whoever else fancy their chances at Chez Moi...

By Arend from Oosterhout, Netherlands - BuizerdUploaded by snowmanradio, CC BY 2.0,
I felt rotten when I started to write, having been snubbed by an erstwhile friend and colleague just moments before. I've never been deliberately and openly blanked before and found the act to be shocking and most hurtful. I understand that we all have bad days and occasionally find ourselves unable to acknowledge folk for whatever reason, but even on the worst of those days I've never sat in front of a grinning, waving idiot and failed to react! To be stared at whilst doing these things is what makes it so bad. I'm at a loss, but I'm not raving or better yet raging about it, just dismayed I suppose.

My friend has been rude and disrespectful too many times for this most recent act to be totally unexpected I suppose. No doubt when they want something they'll try and contact me and pretend that this hasn't happened but they'll find it hard as I won't be opening my heart to them again. I will be forthright and polite and make it clear that that horse has bolted, but there's no need to be unpleasant or rude. Nor shall I be either.

Meanwhile I have removed myself as administrator of a facebook page I set up for an educational group I helped set up some eight years ago and made this person the editor-in-chief. This isn't a malicious act, I would've deleted the page altogether if it were! It just makes sense and it's something I'd considered several times since I departed the group, so now I've done it and it means that I won't be getting all those notifications anymore. Hooray!

If only the rest of life were that simple. I used to complain that I hadn't the time or the energy, then it was the energy or the money and now I have all the time in the world, no money and very little energy. At least these days I spend each of those comodities a little more carefully than I might've done in the past. Emotional and physical energy is too precious to waste on people and things that are undeserving, as are time and money.

By Artwork by Holly Fischer - - Eye Slide 4, CC BY 3.0,

Finally, if a little slowly my storage problems are being addressed, the front room is almost finished and I have a kitchen that vaguely resembles a kitchen. These projects have been slow burners, largely because of all of the above and more. A poke in the eye with a sharp stick may have resulted in at least one of these projects being slowed to a halt, however it was actually a blunt stick resulting in several examinations of the retina and no sudden movements! Thankfully the detachment of the vitreous hasn't led to any serious damage and will shortly right itself without any further intervention. It's a shame that the same can't be said of my motivation. I'll get there soon, maybe even tomorrow because it's a whole new day...

Meanwhile I shall keep an eye out for my fine feathered friends, small and large because frankly their company is far more desirable than the alternative after all once snubbed, twice shy!

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