Sunday, September 23, 2007

The Incredible History of Computers in Tullamore, Co Offaly!

I am having one of those days again!

My mum; BJK considers me to be computer literate because I can play around with a couple of windows programmes and get results. Perseverence and an enquiring mind has proved helpful.

Since I decided to stop playing with drafts of my website and actually get on and publish, she stands very much in awe of me and has taken great pleasure in directing her friends to hit it! There's nothing like personal recommendations.

During the time that it has taken to get this project off the ground both BJK & DG; my long suffering partner, have been incredibly supportive.
The only complaint is about the inordinate amount of time I am spending trawling the web in search of SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) tecniques.

BJK is probably right when she says I should be out in my studio making my beautiful hand-made greeting cards. That I need to be making some stock for when my next order comes in! Actually, she is right; if I get that phone-call tomorrow asking for replacement stock I am in going to be in trouble. All night sessions are not particularly good for my health!

The trouble I am finding is that there is so much information out there; just waiting to be tapped into. While I have found some really helpful stuff, I have also found a load of old rubbish! Also, we have to consider that my Mum is being extremely generous in her opinion of my IT (Information Tecnology) skills.

Just over twenty years ago, while still attending Secondary School in a large town in rural Ireland my parents financed extra lessons for me; as I was exempt from having to learn Gaeilge(Irish). The subject matter of those lessons? Typing. In 1983 I graduated; thanks to the tireless efforts of the dear, late Sr Mary Bridget with a certified touch typing speed of 60 mind blowing words per minute!

I remember well the topic of so many conversations being how computers were going to take over the world. What I also remember clearly is the disbelief I registered at the time; my only consolation I was not alone in my ignorance.

The highlight of the academic week at that time was when a handful of boys came down to our science lab to study Chemistry for the Leaving Certificate. Obviously the Christian Brothers (a catholic boys school) didn't have enough pupils to merit a chemistry class in their own school!

To be fair, the 'Brothers did have an Apple Computer with a lovely green screen which they allowed us; the girls from the Chemistry class to use. It was a fair exchange!

In those days such modern tecnology was used pretty much exclusively for playing computer games such as pakman or space-invaders!

Anyway, along with cardmaking, dinner making & housework; all of which have experienced neglect this week, I suppose I had better get back to the job in hand, which is SEO!

Polly Px

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