Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Looking for Inspiration?

Just to inspire you all out there, sometime at the beginning of the year, I entered the bizarrely named on-line: 'A Day in Your Bathrobe Competition!’. That is a strange name for a competition, on-line, off-line, or any type of line; it’s an odd name.

'A Day in Your Bathrobe Competition!’ was organised by Darina Loakman; who was named female entrepreneur in 2006; who runs the
Supporting Work from Home Mums in Ireland and the UK website.

After a tip off from my Mum I started to follow the comings and goings on the website; which proved to be not only interesting, but it also helped me through what has been a very difficult time for me, (another story altogether).

Through the website and newsletters Darina has provided mentoring for even the bravest and most driven of WHAM’s (Work At Home Mom’s) & wannabe’s; by publishing articles of relevance to encourage just about anyone wishing to escape the tyranny of the corporate workplace.

Darina has also been featured on TV3’s morning show a number of times; show casing WAHM success stories and generally providing inspiration for a whole generation of women to consider WAHM’ing as a lifestyle. Her business has gone from strength to strength, and with such widespread exposure continues to do so.

Going back the bizarrely named ‘A Day in Your Bathrobe Competition’; it was essentially a celebration of all those women who were brave enough to take that leap of faith; enabling them to work from home. The actual date of the competition draw I don’t recall; largely due to technical hitches, it had been postponed a couple of times before it took place!

All that had to be done was to tell how working at home could or did change my life and what its’ greatest advantages are for me, record my details & press the submit button. I was in with a chance!
After that I followed Darina’s site with interest...

Polly Px

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