Thursday, September 27, 2007

Top Prize Winner!

…I followed Darina's site( with interest; logging in on an almost daily basis. I even enrolled in a seven day e-course, regarding motivation, planning, etc.

One fine morning in March (?) I opened an e-mail from StarVA (; Darina’s virtual assistant, at that time; Angela. Imagine my surprise when I discovered that I had WON a major prize of a two day course entitled 'Create the Life You Want' with the lady who had kindly donated the prize Erica McKinney(http:www/ To quote my thank-you e-mail to Darina; I was “thrilled”!

Unfortunately, having made arrangements to attend the course in beautiful Glendalough; psyched myself up for it and even booked myself the very last bed at the local youth hostel; it was cancelled. Not one to be done out of a weekend away I took myself, DG & Littlest Son off to County Clare for the weekend instead. Biggest Son had a date with the 1st Tullamore Scout Troup instead.

My consolation prize was the fantastic offer of four personal coaching sessions with Erica up in Dun Laoghaire. The original prize had offered three coaching sessions as an alternative to the course! But of course, being awkward I decided to hang on in there for the new schedule in August.

I learned recently that poor Erica had been involved in an accident during the summer. Because of this the Autumn/Winter Schedule has been pushed back a little; allowing for her recovery. Meanwhile I am waiting for her to publish her newsletter with details of what the future holds and I can’t wait to meet her and participating in what should be a very interesting and worthwhile course.

Meanwhile I have put a lot of time and effort into my fledgling cottage industry, being thoroughly motivated by Darina & all the WAHM’s stories; information & links on the site. BJK has been kind and generous in her support; moral and financial, as has my long suffering bank account. DG has been great, his ears are well & truly bent at this stage and the two boys have really helped me in practical terms, patience, ideas, imagination and just about everything else too! Thank you.

Really what I should be doing is to get out there; into my studio(http://www/; start making some more stock -including a batch of thank you cards and a special get well card for Erica. I wonder how much I will get done before DG scoops me up and carry me off to ‘the ploughing’…!?

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