Thursday, October 11, 2007

Digital Photography Class

You know, one of my staunchest allies is BJK; my mum. She reads my blogs daily; in anticipation of finding out the truth about her only daughters life. BJK is also one of my harshest critics.

Each day the telephone rings; generally when I am at the computer,in the middle of some complicated tecnique in card making. Worse still; while I am trapped in the kitchen; rescuing something from the incinerator aka the oven.

I used to play this game with the phone; especially while doing research or writing my blog. I would answer the call before the first ring had even finished. It used to tickle my sense of humour; the knowledge that I would catch the caller off guard!

All too often my most frequent caller; BJK would announce that I was at the computer ,rather than attending to my card making or housework. I dare say that was her way of getting her own back for my pettiness. Nowadays I , using my extensive telephone tecnique training instead.

The problem is that I have learned so much about computer usage over the past few years, firstly from BJK herself and then colleagues at work. The trouble started when I was given a lovely Digital camera and learnt how to use it; since then my time seems to be divided between downloading, capturing or editing or publishing photo's.

I love my Canon EOS300 SLR camera, its only problem being that it is a film camera & the cost of printing can be expensive; assuming I haven't lost the film in transit. My new toy is also a Canon and it is so simple to use. I have gone from total eejit to camera buff in a very short time and am learning more and more each day. My excuse is that I have to take the best quality photo's for use in my photo card range; after all, if I expect people to buy a product it has to be the very best I can offer, right?

To make matters worse I took the plunge this year and enrolled in a digital photography course. Talk about farcical! Last week the majority of our class turned up at 7pm and the tutor at 7.30pm; this week it was the other way around! For the remaining three weeks we have all promised to turn up at the right time!

Despite the poor start we have learned about photographic composition, camera functions, how to remove red eye post exposure and how to do vignettes using Adobe Photoshop 7. It's so much easier to use the camera settings to do these things, but it looks so much better having photo-shopped them too. Ha! Listen to the expert talking...

One very important thing I learnt last night was the importance of adjusting a copy of the original photograph. I recently learnt how to apply watermarks onto a photograph from a friend, unfortunately she didn't warn me to save a copy. I now have some beautiful photo's which I have ruined because of my ill-educated enthusiasm. It's not the end of the world, but it's annoying.

Maybe BJK's right after all; I should be out in 'my Studio' preparing for the on-slaught of card orders, instead of edumacating myself on the computer... and trashing what were some fantastic pictures!

Patience, Polly; patience, it will all come clear; if only you don't try to run before you can walk.

Speaking of running; if I hurry, I might just get a load of washing out on the line before LB gets home from school!

Until the next time...

Polly Px

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Bonnie W said...

I love your sense of humor! My daughter also takes pictures so she keeps me supplied with photos of the grandchildren.

Some of them make very thought provoking pictures for the verse I write. That's why I originally began to make cards.

You have a wonderful studio - maybe you just need to figure out how to put your computer there so you can tell BJK you are working in your studio when you are on the computer? (Grinning)

Your website is well thought out and very nice. I wish you all the best in your cardmaking venture and it is so neat to have met you! Thanks for stopping by my blog yesterday!