Tuesday, October 9, 2007

How to use your VCR

I am so tired this morning! I am sitting at my pc approximately three hours since I was dragged from my nice warm bed. So far I have driven ten miles, each of them dressed in my beautiful plum coloured stappy Dunnes Stores night dress & mis-matching light blue bathrobe/dressing gown.

We had a late night last night. I forgot to take the magic pills at 7.30-8.00pm, only to remember an hour later. I don't think that was the real problem, it's far more likely to be the cup of rosy lee I washed them down with!!!

BB & I got back from Scouts at 10.20pm. We each went our separate ways, he to his bedroom; where world war three broke out as LB took to his nightly routine of taunting BB, etc. I had a couple of things to wrap up on the net & then a quick snuggle on the sofa with DG.

The unfortunate thing about Monday evenings in the Republic of Ireland is that they put the only good progs on TV at ridiculously late hours. Let's face it; when viewing is restricted to four terrestrial channels, you tend to make the best of what little is good...

If I wanted to; I could invest in 'the channels'; as the boys call them.

  1. The least expensive route would be to purchase the equipment from a reputable dealer & pay a one off fee of about €350.00 or so.Alternatively...
  2. we could keep our eyes peeled for a bargain at one of the two discount stores in Tullamore; this is usually in the region of €90.00 - €150.00, which sounds like great value. That is until it is discovered that it doesn't work!
  3. By far the easiest route would be to rent a package from Sky at a minimal cost of €40.00 for the first couple of months; by which time you're hooked and can't live without it!
Sorry guys, but I can live without it; for years at a time. I would much rather craft, read, blog, cook,play board games with DG & The Boys or listen to music, most of the time, & anyway the guys virtually guarantee that I don't get much time to watch TV.

Therein lies the problem...
...nowadays, when there is something good on the box I try to stay up and watch it. Usually I fall asleep on the sofa; before the title credits are through. The real trouble starts when I forget to take the magic pills!

I used to go to bed and sleep there; in the days before insomnia struck I had no idea what was on TV. When the girls at work asked me; "...did you see....?" They despaired of me when; before they had completed the question I said "No." After six years of this they eventually realised that I am not a telly addict.

A couple of weeks ago we made a conscious decision that bed is the best place to be; after 10.30-11.00pm.We had great intentions; we would set the video to record the good programmes each week.

In anticipation; DG rushed out to buy a copious supply of video tape's and a weekly TV Guide.

The boys even located the remote control for the VCR; so handy when using the VIDEOPLUS facility.Would anyone please tell me then, why did we sit so late last night?

Do you suppose there is a night school course entitled "How to use your VCR?!"

Oh well, I suppose I should join the real world now.

Hi ho, hi ho,...!

Polly Px

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