Friday, October 5, 2007

My Wish for ME

After my rather long winded ramble yesterday I thought I'd keep it short today. Please click on the link above (in the title) to view a blog by an on-line friend of mine; Celfyddydau. It is very short & sweet; definately succinct and really explains all of what I was saying about ME/FIBROMYALGIA/CFS yesterday.

The reason it is referred to as a SECRET is because we might look okay on the outside, but we are anything but on the inside. When people can't see an affliction they can be very cruel and apply labels; lazy being one of the most popular ones!

I promised to keep this one short and sweet, so I am off now! Please leave any comments on both my blog and Celfyddydau's blog as I am convinced that this photo will make a difference; if only it were part of an awareness campaign.

Thanks for looking,

Px Polly Peirce

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