Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Making Memories of Synchronicity

After some consideration and a considerable string of coincidences, I have decided that yesterdays post should have been entitled not "A Tale of Two Titties" rather "A Tale of Three Titties". Read on to discover why...

There are some who would say that there is no such thing as coincidence; just synchronicity. Since I posted my blog yesterday there have been an amazing string of coincidences, which have just popped up out of the blue, all of which are very much related to the subject of yesterdays post.

The first of these is actually fairly hair-raising; as it concerns what has turned out to be a national scandal; regarding the state of the health service. Last nights headlines; on the national news, informed us that a local hospital, ie Midlands Regional Hospital at Portlaoise was under scrutiny following complaints about its use of antiquated equipment.

It turns out that as long as six years ago, complaints were made to the HSE about the outdated state of mammography equipment in use at that time in the Radiography Department. As if this wasn’t bad enough, it appears that this same outdated equipment is still in use today; in 2007.

The concerns raised; in writing by staff of the radiography department, were that use of such equipment could, in fact, "...lead to the possible misdiagnosis or indeed failure to diagnose breast cancer." The letter also stated that modern digital mammography equipment was needed as a matter of urgency.

Apparently, with the matter having been discussed at length in the Oireachtais(Parliament); there are up to eight women whose diagnoses are now in question; because of this matter not having been addressed previously. At a local level, my friend; whom I mentioned yesterday, ie the lassie who was recently married and is now awaiting a second mastectomy and reconstructive surgery; must be wondering how and if this affects her. She was diagnosed and had her initial surgery in Portlaoise. I should imagine you could cut the atmosphere in that household with a knife; please excuse the appalling pun.

This then leads me to my second coincidence and that is the subject matter of a motivational e-mail received by me from my new friend and mentor; Fly Lady. It was in fact a testimonial, from a grateful Fly baby; who having carted her wedding dress around through seven house moves finally decided that it was clutter. She was never going to wear it again but had an inspiration as to how she could dispose of such a precious item appropriately. She contacted the Making Memories Breast Cancer Foundation with a view to donating her dress for re-sale or re-use.

I have just had a quick gander around their website and am amazed at what I have found, it really is an inspiration. I wish that we had something like it over here; in Ireland, as I am sure it would get lots of support. I particularly like the idea of turning wedding dresses into quilts; which is a novel idea and practical too, to check out the website and have a look at what I am talking about click here.

Funnily enough I have been wondering about my wedding dress; in much the same way as Fly lady’s correspondent. However, still being a novice at this, I am still in two minds about it. That said, it isn’t that unusual to find second hand dresses for sale in the local charity shops, which of course is what is was musing over.
Another idea was to have it refashioned and dyed a beautiful shade of deep green for use at a formal function some time in the future. I had even enquired about this service of a local dressmaker. Finally however, I think I might just hang on to it and dismantle it myself for use in my occupation of making cards, at least that was the idea until I came across Making Memories! I wonder how long it’d take to make up a luxurious satiny quilt…

This of course leads me to my other coincidence which is the amazing story of a third friend, whom I had completely overlooked in my eagerness to post yesterday. Please excuse my lapse…?

Anyway, without mentioning anyone by name, or giving too many details; you know who you are, this third lady has endured hell and survived. She has two grown up children, both of whom are simply gorgeous and a mighty credit to her in spite of a disastrous string of events which occurred around the time of her breast cancer. She survived chemotherapy, mastectomy and divorce; unfortunately not quite in that order.

From having a comfortable life, in what one can only call the Garden of Eden; she suddenly found herself penniless and homeless; her now estranged husband having taken the carpet; in which she had woven her and the lives of her children; from under her. Incredibly she has survived against all the odds and remains an inspiration for us all; for my part I can only hope that my children will turn out half as well as hers have.

With a deep understanding of the process which every woman goes through, this lady has given herself over to the Irish Cancer Society. She distributes collection boxes throughout the province actively fund raising, and spreading the word & support wherever she can, including talking to schools about her experience. This is her way of giving something back for which she is to be highly commended.

Speaking of this remarkable lady, she is long overdue a visit and a belated birthday present and card. Maybe if I am lucky, I can squeeze this in before this evening’s activities take over, for now though, it is time to get myself organized to collect LB from school…

Take care now; & don't forget to check yourself out;

Polly Px Polly Peirce

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