Monday, November 5, 2007

Fun Monday!

Evenin’ y’all!

Now then, this post really is going to be just a quickie, especially considering that I have to make a quick Spaghetti ala Bolognaise, serve and eat it all before 7.10pm, which gives me little more than an hour to do both! As much as I love food and cooking there are times when it really is a nuisance and this is one of them.

Anyhow, the reason for this little post script is because Deborah at The Humble Housewife is hosting Fun Monday this month, which for anyone who isn’t aware is an event hosted by a different blogger each month. This month’s theme is family holiday traditions unique to your family, which means it could be any of the public holidays throughout the year and even as embarrassing as the inevitable Aunt Polly falling drunkenly over the Christmas tree.

In our family we have two quite different traditions, one is 'new'; the other 'old'. Both are of equal importance; representing bonds with tradition which have been passed down from generation to generation.

Our Newest holiday tradition is to attend the first matinee performance of the year at three o'clock on New Years Day. Either with; or without the optional hangover, the whole of our family make the annual pilgrimage sixty or so miles to inner city Dublin. Next we invade the seats nearest to the stage and boo-hiss at the cast of the annual Pantomine at the Liberty Hall Theatre.

Since LB was a babe in arms, suckling, oblivious to the hilarious antics of Sammy Sausages et al, this has been our way of ringing in the New Year. It is always great fun, although last year, while feeling a little bit blue; due to ill health; the cast shot me concerned looks of astonishment. For once I hadn't actually succeeded in putting them off their lines.

At one stage I laughed until I cried, and how did I cry; Buffy announced to the whole audience "...ahh, look; Mammy's crying!" With old friends like that I can't imagine a better way to bring in the New Year, especially as it unites three generations in a good Old Fashioned Family Way.

Our next tradition is probably one which is celebrated in most households around the world on the Eve before Christmas. I am sure that my family isn’t unique in our attitude regarding Santa Claus; although at times it certainly feels as though he may have taken a wrong turning. In Ireland, where we live, there is a tendency to large, exotic gifts being delivered under the Christmas tree.

I sometimes feel that our kids are disadvantaged; when the inevitable “What did you get…?” is asked of them. However, I have it on very good authority that Santa’s a cool dude cos he always gives my guys the best presents. This can range from a woollen hat and matching gloves, to action figures, magnetic stones called Oids, bulging eyeballs, caps, mandarin oranges, musical instruments, chocolate, snot in a bottle and so on; you get the picture.

It’s not that Santi, as he is known locally is mean; he just delivers what they really want; generally not the sort of things that stuffy old grown ups approve of. Oh yeah, he always manages to find a mankey old stocking or sometimes a pair of tights (panty hose) which is much more fun than a shop bought felt reproduction. The contents, due to the fact that the bulkier items are sheer hell to extract keeps the rug rats busy for hours on end.

Unfortunately, they do some times decide to blow bubbles onto me as I sleep; followed by all manner of chaotic mayhem on their new instruments, which will range from maraca’s and castanets to tin whistles and harmonica’s.

The absolutely worst of all gifts that the bearded man in the rotund red plush outfit has ever delivered; except for the sea monkeys, has to be the afore mentioned Oids. These magnetised haematite or iron ore ovoids make a horrible cacophonous rattling noise when thrown into the air. I still shudder at the mere thought of being woken up at 4.30am by that! It frightened me witless!

Like I said earlier; Santa is a cool dude, he is the MAN; loved by us all, young and old. Thirteen year old BB; standing behind me reading this as I write, recently told his granny all about him. I think he even claims to have heard sleigh bells last year, or was it the year before?

Anyway, duty is no longer calling me; it is impatient and screaming for attention, knawing incessantly at my right shoulder, so that’s it from me folk’s; dinner is calling!

For more Fun Monday and seasonal traditions go here.

Polly Px Polly Peirce

ps Having frantically & magically created what the English so fondly refer to as 'Spag Bol' in just under an hour, BB & I managed to eat it and arrive almost punctually at the Scouts Den for our weekly meeting. Unfortunately, BB really did eat on the run, with a tea cloth stuffed inside the collar of his uniform shirt in case of spillages and bumps in the road. May God forgive me, for I have sinned...

I can't imagine how MM, our Group Leader can possibly hold down a full time job, and do a degree course as well as all her Scouting Committments; I am worn out at just the very thought of it! Px


Karmyn R said...

Ha Ha! I like your Santa - he sounds like a mischief maker!

mjd said...

Hello Polly,
You managed to write a nice long post in a short time. You children must love you and Santa with all gift requests fulfilled.

Polly P said...

Hey Guys, thanks for the nice comments!

Did I forget to mention that the stocking fillers are inexpensive and horrible things that Mum simply won't let into the house!LOL

theotherbear said...

I have reinforced to my mum and dad that i still believe in Santa. Because of this he still visits. He leaves stuff for me at mum and dad's house. It is not toys any more, it is now a gourmet basket of food, but it is still worth it :)

Polly P said...

O, that sounds nice; could you persuade him to drop one off for me too?

Sayre said...

Hi, Polly! Thanks for coming to visit my blog!

In our house, Santa was always the one who filled the stockings, but presents were from people. That never stopped us from putting stuff on our list that we KNEW Santa would never bring (but Grandma might!). I hope your holiday turns out to be absolutely wonderful!

Tiggerlane said...

I'm gonna tell Santa I want bulging eyeballs and snot in a bottle next year. For some reason, I thought he was too uptight to bring those - so I've always had to buy those things!

Luv4Zoe said...

Sounds great! lol
And thanks for the comment:)

Neasa said...

Snot in a bottle....! My son would LOVE that!!! Might make it onto the list yet!!! Lovely post Polly. How's Fly Lady going? I'm off to pick up 27 things. (....soon....)!

Polly P said...

Snot in a bottle can be purchased in a pack at Debenhams! Guess what I was up to last Friday evening?

Essentially, FlyLady is helping me with my Christmas shopping; as well as my housework.

Fly Lady persuaded me to part with wads of cash for a Hoover which actually works. The change left over went on the snot in a bottle.

She; Fly Lady, is wonderful, but...