Monday, November 26, 2007

Joy to the World...!

I don't know, there are some days when you simply wonder why you even go to the effort of drawing breath.Thank God for ..."the glass is half full ..." outlook on life; otherwise the future would undoubtedly be quite bleak indeed.

Some of you may have noticed that I have started my Christmas decorating already. The glamorously dressed tree to your left can be customised to your own taste. Thoughtfully, the creator added a count-down to Christmas on one of the gifts beneath the tree; you can get your own from SpringWidgets.

At our weekly meeting last Monday evening we had the Scouts practising their gift wrapping. A friendly competition took place between the two patrols, resulting in a little foul play and a bundle of laughs. Despite the fact that BB's patrol had two extra members; the smaller group managed to wrap four parcels within a specified time. This was followed by a game of charades, involving the imaginary contents of each parcel! I think the most bizarre was the digital photo frame...?!

Our parcel game was practice for a sponsored gift wrap. What a stroke of genius! Unfortunately, a little bird has since told me the sad tale of how legal action was taken by tradespeople against a store that had supported similar activities in years past!

To the extreme annoyance of DG I also appear to have caught on to the spirit of the festivities; yodelling an occasional carol or two; not so quietly, to myself. For last weeks Scout meeting I compiled a small collection of my favourite carols for consideration. We get to practise this week.

I'm looking forward to the real thing, especially if we have to dress up in , hats, scarves and gloves, with lanterns too! I sometimes wonder which of us is the biggest kid, me or BB.

It is a fact though that the days of spontaneous Merry-making are sadly gone. A group can only gather around the lamp post once the permit is acquired! It seems to me that despite good intentions, there are too many pit-falls for those determined to give a little to charity.

On that note, I become ever so slightly cynical. Charity begins at home, or rather it should. What's more, it should take place the whole year 'round and not be dependent upon the intensively specialised commercialism of the Festive season.

On that note, I am going to take myself off and make merry privately; humming my carols to only myself and the dogs; surely they won't complain, in fact, they might even join in!

Have Fun; Be Merry!

Polly Px
Polly Peirce

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