Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Reading for Big Boys

Yesterday LB & BJK did some Christmas shopping. A book fair is being held this week at our local school; so my youngest son took Granny shopping.

Afterwards they went into town and did a little more shopping, of the festive variety. LB is pretty much done now and is looking forward to the wrapping and everything else which goes with it.

This year cards are not going to be much of a problem, as most of ours were made way back at Easter time. All that is needed now is a salutation and a postage stamp, before they are winging their way around the world. Isn't it great that such a young person can be so organised about Christmas?

Now LB isn't known either for his reading ability, or his enjoyment of it. So imagine my delight when BB discovered a book on the chest of drawers only to discover that this latest celebration of the written word belongs to LB.

Seeing as he's a little peeky this morning, he went back to bed. The latest rule in this house is that anyone sick should be in bed, without the TV or computer for entertainment(myself excluded, of course). Guess what LB did instead? He read a chapter of his new book...

I am delighted. His elder brother was also slow to pick up books for pleasure, but he did have the advantage of being a confident reader for school purposes. It is unkind to compare children and their abilities, and it is something which I am generally not in favour of.

However, it is reassuring that BB didn't try to run before he could walk, in the reading department either. He now has the reading skills of someone several years older. This of course means that there is still hope for poor LB. Potential has shown its head, hope and prayer will do the rest...

Meanwhile, being the ever so good Mum that I am; I am going to hop in beside him and find out what it's all about!

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