Friday, November 23, 2007

Happy Belated Thanksgiving!

Welcome back! For those of you who celebrated Thanksgiving yesterday, I sure hope that it was a nice one. What you need now is the chance to put your feet up and take a well earned rest…

As some of you might already know, Polly’s house isn’t always a pretty sight. Today is one of those days and already I have had two lots of visitors; the first being BJK who I had earlier dragged from her nice warm bed in order to obtain enough money to get the car in and out of town.

The petrol/gas warning light had come on yesterday evening, with its little binging noise. That never fails to get my attention, but I am in the very bad habit of driving until we hit the bottom of the red bit; indicating that I am driving on fumes at that stage. Guess what stage of the cycle we were at this morning?

DG woke me nicely at around 7.50am; once, twice and then a third time. I was given instructions to not go back to sleep and then he was gone. BB came into the room some 20 minutes later to announce that I really ought to get up out of the bed; or else… The only trouble with this is that he was eating his version of my yummy
Microwave Porridge; which unfortunately resembled a bowl of wall paper paste, covered in sugar, floating on a moat of milk. As he continued to eat his ‘breakfast’ I dashed around the house, quickly slipping on my navy blue hoodie under DG’s luxurious fleece dressing gown of the same colour. That was it; Polly was ready to go.

I was maybe a little unsteady on my feet, having just awoken from a heavy drug induced slumber, but I soon recovered from it, as the realisation hit me… BB had already missed the school bus and I had absolutely no petrol in the tank to get him to where he should be at this time of a school day morning! “BJK to the rescue!”

I unlocked the door of her cottage with some trepidation. The bedroom curtains were still closed and heaven only knows what I would stumble in to. Relief rapidly flowed throw my body; the faint sound of television came from the door to the right of where I stood; this meant that BJK was probably in the land of the living. Despite this; doubt niggled silently at my relief. Was it possible that the television had been on all through the night? She might have fallen asleep; the electronic company oblivious of her gentle snoring?

Thankfully BJK was indeed awake, puzzled to see me and anxious to help me in my predicament. With a €20.00 note clutched tightly in my hand, uttering words of thanks I dashed back to the awaiting vehicle. BB & I had a plan; I would do the driving and he would fill up and pay. At the time it was agreed this seemed sensible, except for the fact that I was forgetting that he has only two speeds and no sense of urgency. Still, the ladies did complement me on my cosy new fashion statement; I think there may have been a touch of envy involved somewhere down the line! Despite my self consciousness, it was better that I had gone in to pay, as I was advised to avoid a nearby village on my way into town.

Apparently some poor soul had been involved in quite a nasty road accident and the village was road blocked as a result. It was particularly frosty this morning; DG had been good enough to defrost my car, as well as his own. It has been some time now since the roads were as icy as they were this morning. There would be no speeding today, so we took another lesser used short-cut; leading us cross country to another main feeder route, which is never too busy. Despite temporary traffic lights on the outskirts of the town BB was dropped off at the school gates with plenty of time to spare. I even made it back to our house before 9.00am; just in time for round two…

Round two can; at times, be incredibly frustrating. LB will not eat breakfast, although today he concocted a mixture of hot toast and maple syrup. LB will not take sandwiches for his lunch; what he wants is a pasta salad! Some days I do try very hard to give him something that little bit different; is it any wonder when he brings his lunches home; untouched by human hands and complains about them, that I am not as sympathetic as I could be. It is infuriating, to say the least.

When all was quiet, the children delivered to school, tea made and left over porridge eaten I decided to self-medicate once more. Zydol and Prozac come in the same coloured capsules, considering that I only got my card of ten caps at around 4.00 pm yesterday evening; with another due at 10pm; please someone explain to me just where they have all gone. Right now there are only four capsules left. What this means is that somehow, in my confusion I probably mixed up the Zydol with the Prozac and must have taken two more in rapid succession. This is what makes me wonder about the Frenchman’s remark about my memory being good?!

On the upside of everything I might be drowsy; actually, I am working hard on keeping those rolling eyes still enough to see the monitor. The pain in the right side of my neck and shoulder has subsided dramatically and overall I am feeling okay now! Tomorrow evening DG has a big formal school re-union in Carlow town; which we have both been looking forward to for a while. If I can keep this up; ie continue to be relatively pain free, there is a strong chance that we will get there and then enjoy the freedom afforded by booking into a four star hotel for the night! Wahoo! We might even hit the dance floor…

I am definitely now going to go out to my studio and have a route through for some nice pictures depicting winter; for use on this
Midlands Craft Club weekly challenge. I intend to use some of my winning stash from Craft Journal. Wish me luck, for I am a novice and really don’t want to let the side down!

All the best for now,

Polly Px

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